Tipe from the Pros

Tips from the Pros - Lost Your Pickleball Serve? Here is a quick way to get it back.

Have you ever  lost all confidence in your serve for no apparent reason?  All of a sudden your serve is just flying everywhere except in the service box where you want it to go?  You now dread your serve and fear stepping up to the line because you just have no idea what's going to happen.

This is quite a common problem and no player reports losing confidence in a shot more so than the serve.

Tips from the Pros - The most important shot in pickleball

The third shot drop? Nope, a shot you need, but not the most important.  The Dink - Not even close. Got to be the serve. That would be my pick.  Missed your serve?  Not great but not the end of the world.  Missed your return? OUCH! That's a point to the opponent (basically 10% of what they need to win).The most important shot in pickleball - The return of serve.

Tips from the Pros - Can't Score on Serve?

Can't Score On Serve?  This Big Serving Mistake May Be The Reason Why".  Stay back! Click on the link below to watch a youtube video of #1 serving mistake made by beginners and intermediate players alike.

Following are comments from other players.

"Preach this all the time... seems like people just can’t grasp it. So frustrating playing with someone who does this and losing 2-5 points a match because of this basic error. Great video...and one of the most common mistakes made by intermediate players.

Tips from the Pros - Pickleball Basics for Tennis Players

Playing tennis or any racquet sport can be an advantage when you start to play pickleball. However, it’s important to know they are two different games and what worked in tennis does not necessarily work on the pickleball court. Click below to see the four basics to help you convert your tennis knowledge into pickleball.

A lesson with a difference

A local group of Aiken Pickleballers have found a way to dramatically  improve their play by arranging monthly lessons with Mo. They have had the most success booking three players at the cost of $20 per person with Mo playing the fourth position (allowing him to control the game) for one hour lessons.   They started this as a way of encouraging people to bang the ball less and learn better ball placement and strategy.

Tips from the Pros - "Forehand takes the Middle" Pickleball Myth Busted!

In pickleball, you'll often hear the advice from others that the "Forehand Takes The Middle" because in general, most players have a stronger forehand than backhand so it is assumed that the strong shot in the middle is someone's forehand. 

Well, this advice is often misguided as there is so much more happening on the court and it can often be the wrong thing to do.