Pickleball Ratings

Pickleball Ratings are about identifying a player standard or level of playing ability. The standards or rating levels range from level 1.0 through to level 5.0 with level 1.0 being an absolute beginner and level 5.0 being the highest level.

Rating levels are used for tournaments to match players of similar ability. The Aiken Pickleball community uses player ratings to organize open play times to encourage similar skilled players play together.  Some tournaments also divide onto both age and ability categories,

Pickleball is always fun but it is the most fun when you are playing people of the same skill level as yourself. If you continue to blow other teams away 11-2 or 3 or 4 or they in turn blow you away every time you play, it is not much fun for either the losing or the winning team.

Play that involves different levels on a court can be fun, but good competitive play is fun because it is a challenge between players at the same level. Playing others with similar skill levels or those slightly above yours provides opportunity to learn and improve. If you happen to be playing someone with a lower skill level, take the chance to work on a specific part of your game such as precise ball placement, or take the risk with a more difficult shot so that you reap some specific ‘practice’ from the game.

The rating system is maintained by the USA Pickleball Association. The explanation of the rating standards and evaluation forms are available on the association website.

You can have your player rating evaluated locally by the Aiken Pickleball Rating Team (APRT). This process takes place monthly and takes about an hour. Rating events require sign-up so check out the Aiken Pickleball Sign-up page to register for an upcoming ratings session. Everyone being rated is required to take the Aiken Pickleball Rule Quiz (APRQ) located on our website under the Information tab.    Click here to take the quiz. The APRQ takes less than ten minutes to complete and your results are automatically forwarded.

In addition, if a player wants to be rated 3.5 or above, or the rating committed rates them at that level, the player must also  pass the USAP players test with a score of at least 85% for the rating to be confirmed.   Players may take the test as many times as needed to obtain a passing score.  Please forward a screenshot of your results to  rating@aikenpickleball.com.  Go to https://usapickleball.org/play/rules-tests/player-test/ to request the test.   The form asks for your USAPA number.  Enter NA if you do not have one.

The APRT only rates up to 3.5H. Players designated 3.5H who believe they qualify for a higher rating will be referred to Mo Garcia, our head teaching professional, for evaluation and a special rating session. 

Once you sign up you will receive a confirmation email a couple of days prior to the rating day that will provide you the specific time of your rating.

Evaluation forms and the rating process are provided by the USA Pickleball association and provide details to help you assess your skill level and what to expect during the rating session.

Rating sessions are completed by several members of the rating committee in a friendly supportive environment. Have a look at videos of various skill drills in a recent rating session completed by the rating committee at the Smith Hazel facility in Aiken.