Tips from the Pros - Can't Score on Serve?

Can't Score On Serve?  This Big Serving Mistake May Be The Reason Why".  Stay back! Click on the link below to watch a youtube video of #1 serving mistake made by beginners and intermediate players alike.

Following are comments from other players.

"Preach this all the time... seems like people just can’t grasp it. So frustrating playing with someone who does this and losing 2-5 points a match because of this basic error. Great video...and one of the most common mistakes made by intermediate players.

With hard hitters that can hit a within three feet of the baseline I like to stand even further back then Jordan is. Congratulations on another excellent video.

Some less skilled players try and hit low % sucker shot short return. I found that keeping my weight shifted forward to the toes when I'm behind the baseline after serving makes its easy to get to short balls. In fact seems like keeping your weight forward solves a lot of problems.

This is kind of annoying playing with intermediate players who do this - actually I play with a few that stand a foot inside service line when I’m serving."