Tips from the Pros - Lost Your Pickleball Serve? Here is a quick way to get it back.

Have you ever  lost all confidence in your serve for no apparent reason?  All of a sudden your serve is just flying everywhere except in the service box where you want it to go?  You now dread your serve and fear stepping up to the line because you just have no idea what's going to happen.

This is quite a common problem and no player reports losing confidence in a shot more so than the serve.

It is also a strange phenomenon because the serve is the one shot in the game that you have total control of.  That may be part of the problem though because for the same reason it's also the shot that you have the most time to think about.  And those shots can quickly turn negative and it's all downhill from there.

The pickleball serve yips can strike any player at any time.  All of a sudden you just can't make your serve anymore, you lose all confidence in it and it messes with your game and your head.  Click here for a video that will show you how to turn that all around so that you can get your serve back on track.