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Thanks to all the players who came out to participate in the Super Senior Round Robin on Saturday.  All divisions had fun, competitive play.  And thanks as always to the volunteers without whom none of our events would be possible.

And the medals go to . . . 

WOMEN’S 3.5  -









GOLD - TYLER, Barbara



MEN’S 3.5




MEN’S 3.0

GOLD - LEWIS, Charles



MEN’S 2.5





Singles!  Yes singles.  The Wilson Family Y is hosting an OPEN division (all ages, skill levels combined) for men on February 24th, at 12 noon.  

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Starting on Monday, January 27th, the Little Mo supervised drill sessions will return.  These sessions will be held from 9:00 – 10:00 AM in gym 1 at Odell Weeks.  The cost is $10.00 per person per session, and you must sign up to participate.  The sign-ups will be available under the “Sign-ups” tab on this website.  Payment should be made at the front desk at Odell Weeks.  Sessions require a minimum of three players and can accommodate a maximum of eight. 

Each week will have a different theme;  Those for the first ten sessions will be:

January 27 - Return of Serve, down the line (Forehand and Backhands).

February 3 - Dinks with a purpose; hitting your target spots (Forehand and Backhands).

February 10 - Half Volley soft drop; Half Volley drives.

February 17 - Overhead smash; Volley snap at the kitchen.

February 24 - 3rd Shot drop (Forehand and Backhand)

March 2 - Drive top spin Volley

March 9 - King/Queen of the court, (Doubles)

March 16 - Drop, Chip, Drive.

March 23 - Lobs

March 30 - Specialty shots (Various Big Mo Shot choices).

Sign ups for March drills will become available later in February.




It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we inform you that Paul Leibstein has passed away. 

Paul had fought cancer from the time that most of us first had the pleasure of getting to know him.  He was unfailingly optimistic and never let the disease interfere with his love of pickleball and of life in general.

Our thoughts are with Nancy, his wife and best friend, and with the rest of his family. 




As we get closer to our Super Senior Round Robin next Saturday January 18th,  here are a few more situations with the correct ruling that you might find helpful.  

SITUATION: A player’s diamond earring falls off onto the court after she serves.  

QUESTION: Can she legally stop play to retrieve her heirloom earrings or should the rally continue?

ANSWER:  Play should continue; stopping the rally would be a fault (Rule 11.G and H).


SITUATION: During a rally, Team A’s ball strikes the center net spine and goes over the net. Team B claims the ball was dead upon striking the spine because it is "other support construction" as mentioned Rule 11.K –“The Net Posts. The net posts (including connected wheels, arms, or other support construction) are positioned out of bounds. If a ball or player contacts the net post, it is a fault and a dead ball is declared.”

QUESTION: Is Team B’s claim valid?

ANSWER: No.  The center net spine is not part of the net posts – it is part of the net. A ball contacting the net, the net cable, or rope between the net posts remains in play (Rule 11.K.1).


SITUATION: During a non-refereed tournament match, the players on Team A complained that a player on Team B was using an illegal serve.  The Team B player denied it.

QUESTION: Can Team A request a referee?

ANSWER: Yes. Any player may request a referee or tournament director, if the player reasonably believes that a rule is being consistently and intentionally violated by his or her opponent. (Rule 13.K.1). Accordingly, Team A requested that a referee observe play and provide an opinion on the legality of the Team B player’s serve.  Upon arrival of a referee, the Team B player apparently modified her serve as no illegal serves were observed for the remainder of the match.


SITUATION: In a non-refereed match, a player on Team A called a Non-Volley Zone foot-fault on a Team B player.  Team B disputed the call by asserting only they may call faults on their side of the court.

QUESTION: Can Team A call a Non-Volley Zone foot-fault on Team B?

ANSWER: Yes. Players will call the lines (in or out) on their side of the court (Rule 6.D.1).  However, Non-Volley-Zone faults may be called by any player on either team. Benefit of the doubt goes to the player who makes such a call (Rule 9.I).





Great turnout at 1st Pres Saturday morning, January 11th.  The two sessions with a reserved court available in the second session seemed to work well.  The next Saturday play will be available at 1st Pres is on February 1st. We will continue with the same format -

First session 9 am -11 am, open play on all three courts, limit 18 players - sign up required.  Second session 11 am -1 pm, open play on two courts, limit 12 players, sign up required, and court reservation for court #3. You can only sign up for one session.  Please delete your sign up if you see you are not going to be able to attend.  There are limited slots and this will allow others to play. Thank you.


The "Y" in August will be hosting their 2020 Drive, Drop and Dink Pickleball Tournament March 26-29, 2020.  Registration closes on March 19.  

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Based on the early results for the sign up this coming Saturday, January 11th, we are adding a reserve court in the second session 11am-1pm.  Courts 1 & 2 will be open play; Court #3 reservations. This change is only for the second session. The first session, 9-11am will be open play all three courts.  You can only sign up for one session.

After January 11th, the next Saturday morning play at 1st Pres will be February 1st.  Check the calendar.


More unusual situations that occur while playing pickleball and how they should be handled.

SITUATION: Neither player on Team A clearly saw whether a ball landed out on their side of the net and requested the opinion of nearby spectators, who said the ball was out. Team B asserted that, if Team A was unsure, the ball should be considered “in” and it is illegal to ask spectators.

QUESTION: Was Team B’s assertion correct?

ANSWER: Yes. The opponent gets the benefit of the doubt on line calls made. When doubt exists, Team A’s call will be “in” (Rule 6.D.3. & 9). Spectators should never be consulted on any line call (Rule 6.D.4).


SITUATION: A doubles match was being played in a gym with many other courts also in play.  During play, a Team B player heard someone on another court shout “PICKLE!” (loose ball) and stopped playing, missing a shot. The player claimed a hinder, even though the loose ball was not on their court.

QUESTION: Was the hinder claim legitimate?

ANSWER:  Yes. Gymnasium play can be very noisy, and such “pickle” calls can be especially distracting. A hinder is any element or occurrence outside of the player’s control that impacts play (Rule 3.A.15). A hinder called by a player will result in a dead ball and will result in a replay (Rule 8.C.).


SITUATION: A Team A serve touches the net, but was otherwise good and landed in the service court so a “let” was called. The next serve was also a let.  Team B claimed a fault on the server asserting only one service let is allowed.

QUESTION: Was Team B’s claim legitimate?

ANSWER: No. There is no limit to the number of lets a server may serve (Rule 4.0).



We have updated the rating process for Court Designation Play.  Changes include 1) Once a player has been rated there is a four-month waiting period before they can be rated again;   2) Players who win gold medals at the Aiken yearly tournament will no longer be considered for an upgrade to the next higher skill level. 

For a complete look at all the changes go to Odell Weeks Guidelines under the Information tab.