Pickledilly News

On Monday afternoons in April, Gym 2 at Odell Weeks is reserved as a backup venue for the Hopelands Gardens concert series. If the weather is good on those days, the gym may be available for pickleball. 

If you are unsure of the weather, you may cntact the Odell Weeks front desk for the current status of the gym


I want to extend a sincere thank you to all the volunteers who gave up a chunk of their weekend to give back to our community. You embody all the best of what pickleball is all about. I saw so much joy on the faces of both the attendees and the volunteers. I know my heart was gladdened by all the positive comments made by those new players. Again thank you for all hat you did.

Chuck Buchanan 


On Saturday, March 30th, a group of Aiken Department of Public Safety recruit officers attended a clinic that was arranged by Mo Garcia (district ambassador) and Karl Odenthal (ADPS).  To kick off the event, some of our top local players (Josh Booth, Jim Hughes, Wojcieck Adamek, and Mo Garcia) played an exhibition game.  This was followed by the presentation of paddles to the ADPS recruits.  The recruits were given a demonstration of how to set up a net, then were joined on the court by various Aiken players for some lively games of pickleball.

Thanks to all involved for putting on this clinic, and to our local players for coming out to give their support.  Some picutres are included below.  To see more, click here.



The schedule for April and May clinics at Odell Weeks has been posted on the calendar:  To reserve a spot in a clinic, please call the Odell Weeks front desk at 803-642-7631. Payment of $15.00 per person must be made at the front desk prior to the class.

Wojciech Adamek, Grace Vance, and Mo Garcia will also be available for private or group lessons.  Please schedule these by contacting Wojciech (wademek97@aol.com), Grace (grace467@icloud.com), or Mo (mog01@aol.com) directly.  Indoor lesson times are listed on the calendar.  Outdoor lessons may be scheduled for any agreed-upon time.



We are looking for a volunteer (or possibly two or three) to help with the Aiken Pickleball website. This would involve writing articles for the website, updating the “Tournaments” page, and helping with the calendar. If you are interested, please e-mail info@aikenpickleball.com.


The city of Aiken has issued a proclamation to recognize the month of April as National Pickleball Month in the City of Aiken. This was included on the March 25th City Council agenda. We would like to ithank everyone who attend the meeting to show the city that pickleball is here to stay and GROW! 


Steve and Lisa Miner, who will soon be moving to Florida, were honored at the quarterly social on March 19th.  We will miss their leadership, friendship, and support of the Aiken pickleball group. 

Fun was had by the nearly 60 people at the social last night.  Thanks again to Barb Burns and Pat Smith for the lovely spring deocrations and for organizing the event.




Mo Garcia has been working with Aiken Department of Public Safety's Karl Odenthal to arrange a series of pickleball clinics for a dozen of their police recruit officers.  The young police recruits have embraced pickleball as part of their PE activity most mornings before heading to the police academy.

As USAPA district ambassador and a member of the Aiken Pickledillys, Mo has invited a group of these recruit officers, along with other members of  Aiken Department of Public Safety, their families and friends, and PRT to a special pickleball clinic in support of this event. The event will be commemorated with the presentation of limited edition graphite pickleball paddles displaying  the "Thin Blue Line with ADPS Shield" donated by Mo Power Sport, LLC. 

The first of such clinics will be held on Saturday, March 30th from 09:00 am - 12:noon in Gym 1 at Odell Weeks and will be attended by 6-8 recruit officers.

To kick off the clinic we will have a brief demonstration of doubles and singles pickleball by some of Aiken's finest pickleball players. Immediately following the demonstrations, we will break out into mini-clinics, followed by  open play to include ADPS members and family with members of the Aiken pickleball community.  Everyone in our pickleball community is invited to attend this event and mix in to play with the guests of honor.  


The minutes from the March 2019 board meeting have been posted.  To read the minutes, click here.


The University of South Carolina - Aiken will host a round robin on April 27th as a part of their Senior Expo. There will be three divisions - 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 and up - with a maximum of 10 teams per division. Teams will be mixed doubles, and you must sign up with a partner

There will be an open court available all day for anyone who drops by to try playing pickleball.

To sign up for the round robin, go to https://campscui.active.com/orgs/UniversityofSouthCarolinaAiken1#/selectSessions/2618610. The cost is $20.00 per team.  You only need to sign up once per team.

If you don’t have a partner, you can put your name on the list at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0a4aada929a7fa7-court2 THIS IS NOT A SIGN-UP FOR THE ROUND ROBIN.  Itt is only a list of people looking for partners. If you see somene you want to play with on that list, you can e-mail that person directly.  DO NOT ENTER WITH THE PERSON UNTIL YOU HAVE COMMUNICATED WITH THEM and gotten their consent.

The schedule is as follows:

3.0 Division: 9:00 - 11:15 AM

3.5 Division: 11:30 AM - 1:45 PM

4.0+ Division: 2:00 PM - 4:15 PM

Each team will play every other team in the division, for a total of 9 games.  Winners will be determined by the most games won, with most points won as a tiebreaker.  All games will be timed at 11 minutes with four minutes between games.

Click on "read more" to see player list as of 4/19/2019.


Team Name Team Member 1 Team Member 2
M&M's Maria James Mike Wells
  Bebe Murphy Gene Murphy
Radcliffe/Blake Allen Radcliffe Linda Blake
Haller/Sanderson Lisa Sanderson Bill Haller
John and Leslie John McCowan Leslie Mccowan
Backhanders Judy Sullivan Greg Sullivan
Sweet Gherkins Raymond K James Miriam N James
Team Cox Nancy Cox Joe Cox
Monty & Daniel Monty Kitchings  Daniel Tucker
The Bergers Steven Berger Peggy Berger
Pickle People Jim Corbett Ann Rheins
Floyd/Nelson Dianne Floyd Ron Nelson
Revolvergirl Kathie Robers Chuck Wright
Mist Scott Stevens Michele Bullington
C and D Diane Voss Chuck Buchanan
Snarling Possoms Richard Diemar Peg Sharp
Shaver Keith Shaver Beverly Shaver
Christensen-Wolfe Stephanie Wolfe Dan Christensen
Chrushers David Hoel Christine Chandler
Pickleodians Harve Mobley Nancy Vermilye
4.0 and up    
Vance & Williams Grace Vance Rich Williams
Garcia/Kabel Jim Kabel Marian Garcia
V&J Ding Yun Chi Jose Vega
Dink, Dink, Slam Mark Carter Yong Ko
Paddle Up Sports Kim Sharpton Artina Sharpton