Pickledilly News

Lots of new items on the calendar for Odell Weeks in August.  

Evening play on Fridays, August 21 and 28, until 8:45pm

Lessons with Mo and Megan. Four slots available each Friday starting at 1115am. Contact your favorite instructor to sign up.

Over half of the time slots for August  have been extended to 1 hour 45 minutes or 2 hours.

Thursday morning after 8am,  you can make up to  three (3) court reservations; one additional one on Friday; and from Saturday on whatever is available.  The only restriction - they cannot be at the same time on the same day.  The reservation must include at least one other player (first initial, last name).  A maximum of 6 players are allowed on or beside each court.   If anyone needs help making or editing a court reservation contact George Carr for assistance - gfcarr146hr@gmail.com.

The last group scheduled for each court needs to take the nets down and put them and dividers away.   Don't forget to wear a face mask when entering and exiting the building and remember to have fun.



Starting Tuesday, July 14th,  courts 1 and 3 at Gregg Park Civic Center will be designated for open play. There will be a maximum of six players per court, and SIGN-UP IS REQUIRED.  Slots will 10:30 am – 12:00 pm and 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and from 9:00 -10:30 am and 10:30 am -12:00 pm on Saturdays.   

There will be no rotation between courts, but players may initially switch courts to balance out the number of players if desired.  THIS IS NOT DROP-IN PLAY.  You must be signed up to play prior to arrival at Gregg Park Civic Center.  You can only sign up for one open play session per day.  The sign-up slots will be added on Thursday of the previous week.

Courts 4 and 6 will remain group reservation courts.


When arriving at Odell Weeks to play pickleball, please do not enter the gym until five minutes before the time of your reservation.  This will give the people playing on the court before you a chance to leave.  The only exception is if you have the first reservation of the day.  In that case, you may enter 15 minutes before your reservation time in order to set up the net.

When you are playing at your reserved time, and there is someone scheduled behind you, stop playing at your allotted time and exit the gym as soon as possible.

The point of having 15 minutes between reserved slots is to allow social distancing.  The previous group should exit before the next group enters to minimize the number of people you come in contact with. 

Face masks are now required when entering and exiting Odell Weeks.  They may be removed for playing pickleball.  Please remember to sanitize your hands before putting your mask back on after playing to avoid transferring germs from your hands to your face.


Effective Friday, July 17th, all players entering Odell Weeks must wear a mask to enter the facility.  You may remove the mask upon entering Gym 2, and while playing.   After you are finished playing, please put your mask back on when exiting the facility.  Below is a copy of the Aiken City Council Passes Emergency Ordinance Requiring Face Coverings.

Aiken City Council Passes Emergency Ordinance Requiring Face Coverings

Aiken, SC – The City of Aiken issued an emergency ordinance requiring individuals to wear face coverings in certain situations and locations to protect, preserve, and promote the general health, safety and welfare and the peace and order of the community related to the potential exposure of City residents, employees, and visitors to COVID-19. The emergency ordinance passed with a vote of 5-2 in favor.

 The ordinance will take effect Friday, July 17, 2020, and will end 61 days later (September 16, 2020).

• All customers are required to wear Face Coverings while inside the enclosed area of any Retail Establishment or Foodservice Establishment;

• All Retail Establishments shall require staff to wear, and those staff shall wear, Face Coverings while working in areas open to the general public and areas in which interactions with other staff are likely in which social distancing of at least six feet cannot be observed; and

• All Foodservice Establishments shall require staff who interact with customers (including, without limitation, delivery personnel) to wear, and those staff shall wear, Face Coverings while working.

• Businesses subject to this ordinance are required to post appropriate signage at each public entrance to the building informing anyone entering the building of these requirements, and the operator of the business shall ensure that all people entering the building are in compliance.

• Failure by customers to comply with this ordinance could result in a charge of misdemeanor trespassing as defined in South Carolina Code Section 16-11-520 if they refuse to leave the premises.

Exemptions. Face Coverings Shall Not Be Required:

• In outdoor or unenclosed areas appurtenant to Retail Establishments or Foodservice Establishments in which social distancing of at least six feet is possible and observed;

• For people whose religious beliefs prevent them from wearing a Face Covering;

• For those who cannot wear a Face Covering due to a medical or behavioral condition;

• For children under the age of five years old;

• For patrons of Foodservice Establishments while they are dining;

• In private, individual offices;

• When complying with directions of law enforcement officers;

• In settings where it is not practical or feasible to wear a Face Covering, including when obtaining goods or services such as the receipt of: a. dental services, b. barbering services, c. beautician services; or while swimming;

• While doing outdoor physical activity;

• Police officers, firefighters or other first responders when not practical or engaged in a public safety matter of an emergency nature, or persons engaged in the repair or maintenance of infrastructure;

• While exclusively with members of a family or the same household, and no person other than such family or household is within the same enclosed area.

For more information visit https://www.cityofaikensc.gov/keepaikensafe/



The USA Pickleball Membership "Grace Period "has been eliminated.   This is where, although the membership had expired,  the member stayed in an "Active" status for an additional 30 days · Now, when the membership expires,  the Membership is put in a "dropped" status, for non-payment of dues, when the membership actually expires. 

This also means that the Ambassador designation is automatically removed, as always, when the membership has been placed into the "dropped" status.    USAPA is  adding a notice 60 day prior and will keep the 30 days prior, 3 days prior, and one at  Expiration Date notice.  More time on the front end to remind players their membership is about to expire. 



Pickleball’s momentum as one of the fastest growing sports in the country continues with a brand re-launch aimed at building awareness and promoting the sport’s development and growth across America.  The new brand name is officially USA Pickleball, aligning it with other sports governing bodies and our USA Pickleball National Championships. The brand re-launch also includes a new, modern logo and an updated website at usapickleball.org.  

As of January 2020, membership in USA Pickleball Association has surpassed 40,000 and the Sports Fitness Industry Association estimates the number of active Pickleball players in America is 3.3 million.


Starting next Friday, July 24th, lessons with Mo and Megan are back - four one hour sessions available from 1145am-345pm.   Contact your favorite instructor to sign up.

Mo Garcia and Megan Hollenbeck are available for private and semi private lessons.  Grace Vance will not be offering any lessons at the moment due to Covid 19 pandemic.  Please go to the "Contact us" page on the main menu to contact Mo and Megan

$40.00 per person - 1 hour private lesson (1-2 players)

$20.00 per person – 1 hour semi-private lesson (3-4 players)

Please contact the instructors directly for available times. 

Payment must be made prior to class at the front desk

Please furnish the instructor with a receipt.


Aiken Pickleball player Linda Stevens' husband, Bob, passed away at their summer home in Blowing, North Carolina with Linda at his side.  She is feeling at peace now that the struggling is over. She will be returning to Aiken this fall. 

His obituary appeared in the Aiken Standard today  (7/10/2020)



The minutes for the Leadership Team Meeting that was held Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 at 5:30pm have been posted.  The meeting was held using Zoom Video Conferencing Software. 

Topics that were discussed included the new open play at Gregg Park starting Tuesday, July 14th;

A change in Odell courts reservations sign up - on Saturday players may now make an unlimited number of reservations for the remainder of the week with no restrictions; a reminder to all that the policy we are following for COVID-19 is basically the State's policy.   Go to Forums or click here to see the full details.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 3rd, at 5:30 pm via Zoom.  


The Kroc Center, located at 1833 Broad Street in Augusta, is having a Mixed Doubles tournament July 25th. 3 brackets: 3.0 and below...3.5....and 4.0 and above. Register now to secure a spot. Limited to 7 teams per division. You and your partner both need to sign up. $20/player.   Click here for more information.