Pickledilly News

In mid January, the week before Dink for Pink, the HOP is hosting its first HOP Academy clinic.  This three day session is limited to 24 participants.  Simone Jardin and Corrine Carr are the two visiting Pros.  Both are teachers by trade as well as comprising one of the best women doubles teams in pickleball.  The third pro, the HOP's head pro Jesse Simon, is also a teacher by trade.  

The content of the clinic will be adjusted to match the skill level of the players participating, so expect to work hard and get a lot out of the clinic.

Please click on the link below  for more information.



To ensure maximum usage of the courts,iIf a court is still open for reservation on the morning of the slot, the court may be reserved for use by only two people. 

All courts reserved at any time other than the day that the court is open must still have four names on the reservations.


In answer to the complaints we've received about the slippery floor in Gym 2, Odell Weeks is planning to swchedule one morning a month to do a deep cleaning. 

This will be more time-consuming than the regular morning cleanings and will rwquire that the gym be closed to pickleball until noon on those days. For December, we expect that day to be either the 17th or the 31st.  We will update the calendar as soon as the date has been confirmed.

Odell Weeks has given us some extra hours on Friday, December 21st.  Please see the calendar for details.  


Fun was had by all at the Christmas Social on December 6th.  The food was delicious and the holiday mood was made even brighter by the live music provided by Bill Wright on his saxaphone.  

Debbie Tam and Kathie Robers were presented with their embroidered paddle covers for scoring 96% on the Rules Challenge.  For anyone who missed this the first time, we will offer the challege again in January.  (Detils will follow.)

Thank you to Barbara Burns and Pat Smith for all their work in setting up the beautiful decorations.


Please join us for the Round Robin Slam on January 12, 2019. This event will be held at the First Presbyterian Church at 224 Barnwell Avenue NW in Aiken, SC. The cost for this event will be $5.00 per person. Please give your entry fee to Joyce Noland or Nancy Vermilye before January 10th, 2019. 




4.0+ at 8:00 AM 

3.0 at 11:00 AM 

3.5 at 3:00 PM 

Players should check in for their events at least 15 minutes before start time.  



You will play with a different partner each game. 

If there are 12 players in the division, you will play 11 games of 11 minutes each with 4 minutes of rest between games. The winner will be determined by games won with a tiebreaker of total points. 

If there are 8 players in the division, you will play 7 games of 11 minutes each with 4 minutes of rest between games. The four players who win the greatest number of games (with total points as a tiebreaker) will go to a playoff. 

3.0 and 3.5 

You will play 11 games of 8 minutes each with a different partner each game. There will be a 10-minute rest period between games. The top four players in each pool (determined by number of games won with total points as the tiebreaker) will go to the playoff round. 



See below for details on the Beech Mountain Pickleball Experience in August.


George Buggs has taken the initial steps in providing a two-hour pickleball clinic at Eustis Park in 2019. Via the Recreation Commission, the Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (PRT) Department was informed of George's interest in expanding the game to the Northside community. The PRT Department supported George's idea and offered him use of Eustis Park's four pickleball courts.  

A subcommittee was created to further this goal of a clinic for folks (students and seniors) who are currently unexposed to the game, or may know about it but have not tried it. Mr. Buggs desires to have the clinic on the same day the new senior/youth center at Eustis park is formally opened. George has arranged to provide pickleball paddles, free of charge, to all 24 participants. Chuck Buchanan has agreed to provide a free ball to each participant as well. Mrs. Yolanda Monroe, a professional instructor and avid player, from New Jersey, has agreed to provide instruction for the assembled group of participants. She may be assisted by another player. Mrs. Monroe attended the last pickleball tournament at Odell weeks.

We hope all can find the final date set is compatible with their schedules. More than a few community leaders have expressed interest in this project.

Submitted by George Buggs



Aiken pickleball player Diana Hunt was recently fetured in Bella Magazine for her interaction with tigers in Thailand.  Click here to read the story.


After a small opening bump with finicky keys, fun was had by all at the first day of play at First Presbyterian Church.  If you want to give the new facility a try, see the calendar for times, and sign up using the appropriate link under "Sign-ups" on the main menu.


The three indoor courts are ready to go at Aiken Presbyterian!  Thank you to our set-up crew of Mo Garcia, Chuck Buchanan, Mark Giddings, and John Reiter for getting the lines down.  Mo, we could not have done it without your expertise. 

Thank you also to those who very generously donated to the fund for the cost of the equipment.  Our pickleball family is, as always, a wonderful group.

Thank you to our local pickleball ambassador Chuck Buchanan for getting the ball rolling on being allowed to play at this venue. And a very special thanks goes to First Presbyterian Church for their generosity in allowing us to use their gym and for being so welcoming to us.  Please support this venue, as they are doing us a huge favor in allowing us to play there.

The first date for play will be Saturday, November 3rd.  Initially Saturdays will consist of three courts of drop-in play.  From 8:00 AM until 10:00 AM, all courts will have mixed-level play.  From 10:00 AM until noon, court 1 (the closest to the door) will be for beginners, court 2 (the one parallel to court 1) will be for intermediate players, and court 3 (the court on the far end) will be for advanced players.  Players MUST sign up for the session, even though it is drop-in play.  If there is no one signed up by 3:00 PM the day before the session, the session will be cancelled.  A link to this sign-up can be found under the “Sign-ups” tab on the main menu.

Mondays from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM will offer two reserved courts (2 2-hour slots on each court) and one court for drop-in play.  This sign-up will also be available under “Sign-ups” on the website starting on the Thursday before the Monday of play.  The fist Monday session will be on November 12th, so the sign-up will be available on Thursday, November 8th. If no one has signed up by 9:00 AM on the Monday of the session, it will be cancelled.

Tuesday sessions from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM will consist of two reserved courts and one court for drop-in play.  The first Tuesday session will be on November 6th.  If no one has signed up by 10:00 AM the day of the session, it will be cancelled.  These sign-ups will also be available starting the Thursday before play.

Please check the calendar (a link can be found on the main menu)  for future sessions. Some days are not available due to other activities at the church.

The format of the sessions has been set for November only.  We will solicit player input to evaluate the demand for each type of play before deciding on session formats for December.

Please park on Barnwell Avenue and go in the door by the Coke machine.  Turn right after you go in and go through the double doors into the gym.

There is a $2.00 per person fee for each session.  A container will be placed in the laundry room where the nets are stored.  All of these funds will go directly to the church as a donation to help them cover the costs of heating and air conditioning, and general wear and tear on the gym.