Pickledilly News

The Montclair Courts in Augusta are hosting a Round Robin Pickleball Jamboree on July 1st & 2nd.  


As a follow-up to our May request, we are again asking for volunteers to assist with the 2019 Palmetto Doubles Invitational Tournament scheduled for 9/5/2019 – 9/8/2019.

If you can commit some time that weekend, please go to https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0a4aada929a7fa7-palmetto and sign up for the task and time slot of your choice. Specifically, we are seeking approximately 50 volunteers to assist with the following jobs: setup of the venue; player registration/check-in; court monitors for preliminary matches; lunch room; tournament desk assistance; and referees. 

For those of you that responded positively to the May request, thank you, and we request that you enter/submit your commitment in Sign-up Genius via the provided link. 

Lunch and a tournament volunteer t-shirt will be provided to all volunteers, so please enter your shirt size in the comments field when you sign up.


The minutes for the Leadership Team Meeting that was held Monday, June 3rd, 2019 at 5:30pm have been posted. Topics that were discussed include an update on the Gregg Park Round Robin scheduled for June 29th; an update on the Palmetto InvitationalTournament scheduled for Thursday, September 5th - Sunday, September 8th; and a request for Volunteers, along with much, much more.  Go to Forums or click below to see the latest information.




Playing tennis or any racquet sport can be an advantage when you start to play pickleball. However, it’s important to know they are two different games and what worked in tennis does not necessarily work on the pickleball court. Click below to see the four basics to help you convert your tennis knowledge into pickleball.


Now that the Senior/Youth Recreation Center at Eustis Park is open, there are bathrooms available to us pickleballers, even when the building is not open.

The bathrooms are on the back side of the building, near the blue water fountain.


Effective June 18, Eustis Park will be closed to outdoor pickleball play on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next 6 - 8 weeks.

The City of Aiken Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department will be providing pickleball classes on those days for youths and adults.  See the flyers below for more information.




"Can't Score On Serve?  This Big Serving Mistake May Be The Reason."  

Click here  to watch a youtube video of #1 serving mistake made by beginners and intermediate players alike.

Following are comments from other players.

"Preach this all the time... seems like people just can’t grasp it. So frustrating playing with someone who does this and losing 2-5 points a match because of this basic error. Great video...and one of the most common mistakes made by intermediate players.

With hard hitters that can hit a within three feet of the baseline I like to stand even further back then Jordan is. Congratulations on another excellent video.

Some less skilled players try and hit low % sucker shot short return. I found that keeping my weight shifted forward to the toes when I'm behind the baseline after serving makes its easy to get to short balls. In fact seems like keeping your weight forward solves a lot of problems.

This is kind of annoying playing with intermediate players who do this - actually I play with a few that stand a foot inside service line when I’m serving."


The Aiken County YMCA Pickleball Program offers open pickleball play in their main basketball gymnasium.  The gym has rolled rubber flooring which gives a true bounce, but as with the lighting, it takes a little while to get used to.  The “Y” is located at 621 Trolley Line Rd, about half way between the USC Aiken Convocation Center and Gregg Park Civic Center. Unfortunately, the "Y" is not part of the "Silver Sneakers" program.   It is a co-ed facility - ladies are welcome.  In fact, the Pickleball Program Coordinator and Head Instructor is Caitlin Barry, an International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA)  and Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR) certified instructor.

Schedule as follows:

Monday: 10am - 1pm (no host/members only - 3 courts).

Wednesday:  10am - 1pm and  7pm - 9pm (hosted by Caitlin Barry/3 courts/members free; non-members $4 per day - first visit is free).  

Friday:  10am - 1pm (no host/members only/3 courts).

Caitlin also runs a 6-week fundamentals of pickleball program; 1 session a week for 6 weeks that is open to members and non-members.   Round Robin tournaments are normally held quarterly (open to members and non-members). With over 5,000 Aiken “Y” members the pickleball program can only grow.

For more information  contact Jessica Bacon, the Aquatics and Sports Director for the Aiken County Family YMCA.  Phone 803 349-8080 ext 8083. Email jbacon@thefamilyy.org or visit the  webpage at www.thefamilyy.org.



The First Baptist Church (FBC) located at 120 Chesterfield St N, in downtown Aiken, is now offering drop-in pickleball play from 2 - 5 pm, Mondays and Fridays.  They have two courts located in their main gymnasium. The gym has a vinyl floor which gives a true bounce, and just takes a little while to get used to.    

There are usually 10-12 players just from FBC.  As almost everyone at FBC is new to pickleball, Jo Whitson has volunteered to introduce them the game, and is usually there when the gym is open for play.  Now that FBC is on our calendar, the word has gotten out, and last Friday was the first time others came to play. There is plenty of free parking available and donations are only $2.


The clinic and lesson schedule for June is below.  Intermediate clinics will be geared toward strategy with your partner.  To reserve a spot in a clinic, please call the Odell Weeks front desk at 803-642-7631. Payment of $15.00 per person must be made at the front desk prior to the class.

Grace Vance and Mo Garcia will also be available for private or group lessons.  Please schedule these by contacting Grace (grace467@icloud.com) or Mo (mog01@aol.com) directly.  Indoor lesson times are listed on the calendar and shown below.  Outdoor lessons may be scheduled for any agreed-upon time.


Monday June 10 – Court 1 – 12-2

Monday June 17 – Court 1 – 11-1

Tuesday June 25 – Court 1 – 12-3

Friday June 28 – Court 1 – 12-3


Tuesday June 11 – Court 6 – 11-12:30 – Beginner

Tuesday June 11 – Court 6 – 12:30 – 2 – Intermediate clinic on playing strategy – Suggested to sign up with partner

Tuesday June 18 – Court 6 – 10 -11:30 – Intermediate clinic on playing strategy – Suggested to sign up with partner

Tuesday June 18 – Court 6 – 11:30 – 1 – Advanced

Wednesday June 26 – Court 6 – 5:45 – 7:15 – Intermediate clinic on playing strategy – Suggested to sign up with partner

Wednesday June 26 – Court 6 – 7:15 – 8:45 - Advanced