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If you need help with anything, send an email to info@aikenpickleball.com and someone will get back with you. 

We can help you with making and editing court reservations or adding your name to the "Looking for games" list, among other things.   What we cannot tell you is the access code.  That is for our use only.  After 8 pm Wednesday evening, the Sign-up Genius is locked down, requiring an access cod,e while the new time slots for the following week are being added.  The signupgenius is then unlocked after 8 am Thursday morning and an access code is no longer required.  But if you need help with anything else send an email to info@aikenpickleball.com and one of us will get back to you.  



There are reserve courts available this Friday, April 16th, from 9-12pm at Smith-Hazel.

Just this week only.


Starting Wednesday April 21, open play will expand to all six courts on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.  - On Wednesday open mixed play from 9-10am; court designation play from 10am-1230pm.  - On Saturdays open mixed play from 915-1015am; court designation play from 1015am-1230pm

Court designation as follows:

With all six courts - Ct1 - 3.0L and below; Ct2 - 3.0-3.0H; Ct3 3.0H-3.5L; Ct4 - 3.5L-3.5; Ct5 - 3.5-3.5H; Ct6 4.0+;  

With five courts -   Ct2 - 3.0L and below; Ct3 - 3.0-3.0H; Ct4 3.5L-3.5; Ct5 3.5-3.5H; Ct6 4.0+  (Lesson on Court 1);   

With just four courts - Ct3 - 3.0L and below; Ct4 - 3.0-3.0H; Ct5 - 3.5L-3.5; Ct6 - 3.5H+ (New Players Clinic on Courts 1 & 2)

If you haven't been rated, now might be a good time.  Next skill rating session is Wednesday April 21 at Smith-Hazel.  Click here to sign up.



How far can your team climb the ladder? Who will claim the top rung?

NEWSFLASH - To wrap up the current pickleball challenge ladder, a playoff will be held for the top 8 teams indoors at Odell Weeks (gym 2) on Saturday, May 1, 2021.  If you are not currently in one of the top eight positions, now is the time to start working your way up.  The ladder will be frozen at midnight on Sunday, April 25th, so get your challenge matches and result forms entered before then.

To be fair to those trying to move up, teams will have a maximum of one week to arrange a match when challenged.  If you are out of town, injured, or otherwise unable to complete the match, please go ahead and forfeit to the challenging team. 

The playoff format will be determined soon. 

Click here to create a challenge.  NOTE:  The challenge form uses the email information provided to notify the team being challenged and to remind the challenger to schedule the match.  If you are not receiving the emails, please check your spam folder for an email from aikenpbladder@gmail.com

Click here to record match results.

Click here to view Ladder. (Current Standings and Status)

Click here for interest poll on team jerseys.

Rules as follows:

- challenges can be made to teams up to three positions higher than your current standing 

NOTE:  The “Challenge Form” will send email reminders to contact their opponent to schedule the match. 

- declined challenges results in automatic drop in position  

- challenge matches must be completed or scheduled during the week the match is accepted

- challenging team must be willing to play at the preferred court of the team they are challenging.

- teams with a pending match, scheduled but incomplete, cannot initiate or accept a new challenge until the pending match is completed. 

NOTE: Teams with a pending match will be flagged so individuals checking the standings are aware that the teams cannot accept a new challenge 

- standings will be updated daily based on submitted “Ladder Match Results Form

NOTE: failure to submit the “Ladder Match Results Form” results in the teams being flagged as Match Pending until results are received and recorded

- an individual can only have one active team on the ladder at any given time. If an individual elects to play with a new partner, the previously existing team is removed from the ladder and the new team starts at the bottom of the ladder   

- all matches will be a best 2 out of 3 format to 11 points each game. 

- all matches will be played at a venue in Aiken, unless alternate venue is agreed upon by both teams

NOTE: Augusta teams are welcome to participate but there is no expectation for games to be scheduled in Augusta, regardless of who is the challenger Team


From the 2021 tournament committee:

Please click here to take the survey so the Aiken Pickleball tournament leaders can determine the availability of volunteers from our local pickleball community. 
Our volunteers are critical to the success of this event.

Our tournament is tentatively scheduled for Sept 10 -12, indoors at H. Odell Weeks. Because of COVID, the following are the anticipated changes from our tournaments in the past:

Face coverings/masks will be required inside of Weeks, except when on a court performing any of the following functions: Playing a match, court side referee, court side monitor. Vaccination status cannot play into this rule because of current City policy.

The number of participants will be capped at a level less than in past tournaments. This would be managed during the registration process. Limiting the number of participants reduces the number of people in the building thereby reducing match delays and enhancing social distancing.

Lunch will not be served indoors. A food truck and outdoor seating may be considered.

Congregating in the main hallway will be discouraged. Physically-distanced seating may be offered in some of the other rooms in the building or outside.

As usual though, volunteers are needed for:

  • Court monitors
  • Referees
  • Check-In Table
  • Set Up/Tear Down
Thank you for your input.


The next skill rating session will be held on Wednesday, April 21st, from 9am - 12pm, at the Smith-Hazel Recreation Center.   A minimum of four players is needed to conduct the session.  Click here to sign up. 

There is no charge to be rated.



The minutes for the Leadership Team Meeting that was held Monday, April 5th, 2021 at 5:30pm via Zoom have been posted. Topics that were discussed included an update on drop-in play at Odell; the New Players Clinics at Odell and Gregg Park; "Little Mo" in the mornings at Smith-Hazel and evening at Odell; the Round Robin for the ladder scheduled for Saturday May 1st; an update on Leagues and the Tournament scheduled for September and much more.  Go to Forums or click here to see the full report.



Lessons available in April with Mo Garcia Friday mornings and evenings.  Check with Mo at mo1@aol.com to schedule.  Lessons also available with Jose Vega on Monday mornings April 12 & 26, and Saturday morning April 24.  Text Jose at 706-284-8112  to schedule.

Drills with “Little Mo”  Still a couple of slots available.   Click here to sign up. 

New players Clinic at Odell Saturday morning April 10.  Sign up at the front desk.

New players Clinic at Gregg Park on Friday morning April 16.  Click here to sign up.

Evening New Players Clinic at Gregg Park, Thursday, April 29th - 6-8pm.  Sign up at Gregg Park front desk.  More info to follow.


Odell is closed for Pickleball play Wednesday, April 14 through Sunday April 18  


Click here to register for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament to be held at Myrtle Beach, SC, August 26-29, 2021.