Little Mo drill sessions will be offered at Gregg Park Civic Center starting Wednesday, February 26th, at 5:30 PM.  The fee will be $10.00 per person for the one-hour session.  Players who are not Gregg Park members will need to pay an additional $10.00 guest fee.  However, the visitor fee will also allow them to participate in open play for the duration of that evening.  To sign up go to the Sign-ups tab above and select Little Mo at GPCC.  There will be a different drill each week.  Click on Read more below to see the schedule through the end of March.

There will also be lesson slots at GPCC on Wednesdays from 6:30 – 7:30 and 7:30 – 8:30.   Players will pay for both the drill sessions and the lessons at the Gregg Park front desk.  They must present a receipt to the instructor.

The Drills for "Little Mo"  Monday morning February 24sth, 3rd Shot Drop  has one slot still available.  The Drills with “Little Mo” for the entire month of  March  are also available for sign up.  We lost some of our days in Gym 1 for March and had to make some changes.  New schedule for March is as follows:

March 2 - Drive topspin Volley - Gym 1
March 11 - King/Queen of the court, (Doubles) - Gym 2 (Originally scheduled for Monday, March 9) 
March 16 - Drop, Chip, Drive. - Gym 2
March 23 - Lobs - Gym 1
March 31 - Specialty shots (Various Big Mo Shot choices) - Gym 2
                              (Originally scheduled for Monday, March 30) 

Odell Weeks -   Thursday, February 27th, Skill Rating Session, Court 4, 11 am - 2 pm.   Sunday, March 1st, indoor weekend play returns.  Also in March, there will be evening play, 3-4 times per week, lasting until 8:45pm.

Smith-Hazel - Reserve court available every Wednesday from 1- 3 pm.  Go to the Odell Weeks tab to sign up.  There will also be lessons available on Thursdays, from 1-2 pm and 2-3 pm.  Contact an instructor to schedule.

Gregg Park -   Court 6 is available for sign up  Wednesday, February 26th, and there are still reserve courts available on Thursday, Feb 27th.  Drills with Little Mo will be on Court 3.  Slots are filling up fast. 

First Baptist Church -  Still has evening indoor play  Monday and Thursday, from 6-9 pm.  Sign up required.  Need minimum of four or session will be cancelled.  

Welcome to our site!

Welcome to the website for the Aiken Pickledillys!  If you are new to the game and wondering how get started, click here for answers to frequently asked questions.  Our intent is to promote the game of pickleball and to provide competitive and social pickleball activities. Our goal is to encourage sportsmanship and camaraderie through fun and exercise by playing the exciting and addictive sport of pickleball.

The game is easy to learn and really fun to play. It can be played on a variety of levels from casual to very competitive.  Pickleball offers players of all ages a good physical workout and the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people who share the passion that surrounds this exciting sport.

We play at the Odell Weeks Activities Center on six indoor courts.  Go to the "Calendar" tab on the main menu for our current playing schedule.  In addition, we have four purpose built pickleball courts located behind Odell Weeks.  These four public lighted courts are available year round.

Odell Weeks is located at 1700 Whiskey Rd in Aiken.  The phone # is 803-642-7631. 

Come join us!



General guidelines 

In order to provide the best possible playing experience for everyone, the Pickledillys operate under a set of guidelines. Currently we have three types of play spread throughout the available times each day.  These include drop-in play with all levels mixing together, drop-in play with courts designated by skill level, and court reservation play.  When courts are designated by skill level, we have different schematics (weekday mornings, weekday evenings, and weekends) based on the court usage for different skill levels during those times.  These designations are periodically reviewed and adjusted.    

All players who participate in drop-in play by skill levels need to be rated by the committee.  Visitors may play for a brief period at the level the player representatives feel is appropriate.  Players who are visiting for a longer term and who have a rating at another location should check with the player representatives at that level to determine if that rating is acceptable for our local system.


Guidelines for reserving courts via Sign-up Genius

1) When you reserve a court, place at least a first initial and full last name in the comments block.You must have at least four people committed to playing on the court BEFORE you make the reservation.  Any one person can reserve only 2 courts in a time block, even if you have 12 or more players. 

2) Please be considerate of your fellow players and choose to attend either drop-in play or court reservation time, but not both on the same day. It is not allowed for a player to be included on two court reservation slots on the same day.  A player may not appear on a court reservation more than three days in a week for the first 24 hours after the courts are posted..

3) If a court has not been reserved on the day that it is available, it may be reserved by two people for singles.