Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  I am a new player.  What is the best way to get started?

Answer:  Ideally you should start with the Introduction to Pickleball followed by a beginners clinic normally held on the first Wednesday of the month.  Always check the calendar to confirm the exact time and then sign up at Odell Week's front desk. If you want to get started before then, show up at Gym #2, Court #1 on a day the calendar indicates there is “Weekday Morning Court Designation” normally at 10:00 am.  Check the calendar to confirm. Loaner paddles are available at the front desk and you need to wear indoor court sneakers. Basic Pickleball Rules are provided under the “Information” tab.  As a Beginner, if you have questions, please contact the Beginner Representatives, either Faith Loeb ( or Linda Blake ( ). They offer a follow up Beginner Practice (no fee) for those who have taken the Beginner Clinic.

Question:  What is “Silver Sneakers”?   

Answer:  Silver Sneakers is a health and fitness program designed for adults 65+ that is included in many Medicare plans.  If you qualify, there is no cost to play pickleball or to use the fitness center at Odell Weeks. Go to to check your eligibility.

Question:  How do I get on the Aiken Pickleball email mailing list?

Answer:  Click on the “Green PickleBall” located on the left side of the Home Page and enter your contact information.

Question:  When do the courts become available to reserve for the following week?

Answer:  On Thursday mornings at 8:00 AM (give or take a few minutes).

Question:  Where do I get the Access Code to Sign Up to reserve a court?

Answer:  If you are at a screen on Sign-up Genius asking for an access code, that means the courts are frozen because the sign-up has been (or is being) updated for the next week and it is not yet time to post them.  Please do not ask for an access code. That screen will be removed when the courts are posted. You will then need to refresh your screen.

Question:  How do I see the January's calendar page for next year?

Answer:  From the local calendar, click on the referee located on the top right side of the calendar.  That will advance you to the next month and into January of the next year.

Question:  There are two lists (the green ball and the active players). What is the difference?

Answer:  The “Green ball” list is a Google group list.  It is for anyone who has asked to be on there who want to receive email updates.  The active player list is people that play regularly at Odell Weeks.  Some might be missed, but everyone who is processed through the system (clinics and ratings) is on there.  It is the list at    To get added to the players list go to a beginners’ clinic, get rated, or contact the Website Adviser and make a request to be added (if you play at Odell).  The list is cleaned up periodically and players that are not active are removed.

Question:  Why log in?

Answer:  The Aiken Pickleball website is available for anyone to look at.  Only players on the active players list at Odell can log in after they obtain a User Id and Password from the Website Administer.  Logging in provides access to additional player information, such as other players’ email addresses and biographic information. It also allows you to add your own photo and bio data.  You only have to login once - so try it.