Leadership Team Job Responsibilities

Aiken Pickleball Leadership Team – Job Responsibilities



Coordinate Odell Weeks pickleball calendar with City of Aiken

Schedule monthly meetings with leadership team

Oversee the decision-making on issues of the full leadership team

Intervene as leadership representatives on issues between players and Odell Weeks or other city staff

Serve as liaison with city on all issues affecting play at Odell Weeks  

Coordinate with local and district pickleball ambassadors on issues of overlapping and/or mutual responsibility   

Assist leadership specialists as appropriate in coordinating occasional social events for players 

Assist leadership specialists in obtaining the tools needed to perform their functions

Direct player representatives when necessary to obtain input from players

Promote and support charitable events supported by the organization. 

Serve as, or provide, a contact with the Aiken City Recreation Commission to advocate for pickleball issues.   

In consultation with tournament directors, assess and support their needs if/as appropriate.  

Candidates for this job should have served a minimum of six months on the Aiken Pickleball committee.


Player Representatives:

Obtain input from skill level players for various issues as deemed necessary

Coordinate appropriate recognition or condolences for players or affecting players within their skill level group  

Evaluate and bring issues of concern to skill level players to attention of leadership                       

Attend monthly leadership meeting

While present on the courts, be a leader in observing rules of etiquette when playing, including taking special note of which nets are required to be taken down, and informing other players (though this is the responsibility of all players) 

While present on the courts, be aware that the designated court time is being observed, and intervene where necessary when issues arise, or take mental note if there is abuse of the system and inform the leadership.

Talk to fellow players to get their thoughts on how the program is working for them.

Promote the upcoming events, for example, socials, round robins, tournaments, by mentioning them to fellow players.

[*Specific to Beginner-2.5 Reps]   

* Reply to emails of those who contact the rep via the website or referrals who are interested in getting started to play pickleball.

* Contact and conduct a beginner practice for new players who have taken the beginner clinic. Usually conducted a week after the beginner clinic.

* Schedule court time for beginner practice (through leadership working on calendar, or through front desk).              

* Help new players form a group if they want to start playing during reserve time.


Court Scheduling:

Use monthly open time calendar provided by city to create monthly playing calendar for mixed play, court designation, reserved courts, and special player events 

Serve as liaison with city when there are questions relative to court availability

Coordinate with instructors on time and courts to be set aside for clinics and lessons      




No "direct" role with Aiken Pickleball.  See "Local" below as local ambassador would advise district ambassador of USAP issues affecting Aiken Pickleball.


Attend monthly meetings and act as liaison with USAP District Ambassador for issues affecting Aiken Pickleball.

Coordinate with leadership to support activities that further the sport in Aiken/CSRA.  

Act as an advocate to the City of Aiken to support Aiken Pickleball initiatives.



Growth: Search for and develop avenues to increase the number of individuals playing pickleball in Aiken.

Rating: Develop and manage a program for rating players so they can be appropriately assigned to skill-level courts at Odell Weeks. 

Player Development: Lead efforts to improve player skills, and ready them for tournament play if interested. 



Surveys: Implement periodic surveys to obtain data for developing programs, assisting in court management, and assess the "mood" of the players. 

Website Management: Place and maintain Aiken Pickleball content on the website to provide a single source of information of critical importance to players. Maintain upkeep of the site and advise leaders of issues.


eBlast Managers: Maintain list server, player lists, and related maintenance items so that periodic important information can be effectively distributed to players.   



Record minutes of monthly leadership meetings, forward to leaders for review, and post final version on website. 


Social Activities:

Lead or assist in developing a social schedule and lead in managing the communication and coordination details for social events sponsored by Aiken Pickleball.