Pickledilly News

The Aiken Pickledilly Rating Committee is comprised of Ron Nelson,  Nelson Spitnale, Mike Beckner, Diane Voss, and Doug Lilly. These sessions are for new players who desire a rating for social play and for those wanting to be re-rated.  If you are happy with your current rating, then there is no need to be rated again.

If you have questions on being rated, you may contact the committee members through the contact page   


Why not considering joining USAPA and supporting the sport we all love to play? 

They have recently lowered their rates (adults - 1 year/$20) and also have added more benefits (listed on the application).  Part of the application fee goes towards grants that we ambassadors can apply for when starting programs in new venues.  What a wonderful way to give back to the sport!  

Click here to access the application. 


Recently a player was hit in the head while playing pickleball, resulting in an injury that required stitches. It is the fourth such incident that has occurred in the past few years at Odell Weeks. While we understand that accidents do happen while playing any sport, some can be prevented by using a little court/common sense. So how do we accomplish this?

* The most important thing is communicating with your partner. Calling out “mine” or “yours” is an excellent way of eliminating confusion and avoiding injury. This is especially true of overheads and shots down the middle. Remember, shots down the middle are usually the forehand player’s responsibility.

* Move in tandem with your partner. This allows you not only to play better PB, but lets you know where your partner is before striking the ball, thus avoiding accidentally hitting him or her instead of the ball.

* DON’T crowd your partner. Unfortunately, since men are usually the aggressors, they are the ones usually at fault. Let your partner hit his/her shot. If the aggressor doesn’t achieve a winning shot, you are both out of position and will probably lose the point anyway.

* Both of you should get to the kitchen line as quickly as possible. This allows you to know where your partner is and gives you a better chance of winning the point.

LET’S START THINKING OUT THERE AND NOT JUST REACTING. Have fun, win the point, and save your partner for another game. Thanks.

Warren, Paul, & Tony


Buying a new pickleball paddle?  Check out the grip size chart under the "Information" tab on the menu to see which size is right for you!


The staff at Odell Weeks has asked us to remind our players that the handicap parking spaces in their parking lot require the car have a handicap license tag or a handicap pass displayed on the rear view mirror in the car.  We ask players to please park in these parking spaces only if they have the proper signage displayed on their cars.  Remember that this privilege is only for the handicapped person, so a player who has a qualifying family member cannot take advantage of parking in a handicap space when the qualifying person is not with him/her. These spaces must be reserved for those in need of them.