No restrictions on Drop-in Play

Players with court reservations can now also do drop-in play on the same day.  Please note that from 9-10am play is  mixed levels.  At 10am, play is court designation.  With all six courts - Ct1 - 3.0L and below; Ct2 - 3.0-3.0H; Ct3 3.0H-3.5L; Ct4 - 3.5; Ct5 3.5H; Ct6 4.0+  When Mo is on court 1 giving lessons, court dessignation is as follows:  Lessons - court 1 -   Ct2 - 3.0L and below; Ct3 - 3.0 & 3.0H; Ct4 3.5L-3.5; Ct5 3.5-3.5H; Ct6 4.0+