Aiken Outdoor Mixed Doubles League 2023

 The Aiken Outdoor Pickleball Mixed Doubles League is scheduled to start on Thursday, August 17th, and play every Thursday evening thereafter until the end of September. Each division will consist of eight teams. Each team will consist of one gal and one guy. Each team will play every other team in their division, one match per week over a seven week period. Click here to sign up and for additional details. Contact Kiss Gunther, the League Coordinator at, if you have any questions. In the meantime find your mixed doubles partner.

Dates: August 17th to September 28st

Times: 6:30pm -8:30pm

Location: Virginia Acres Park, Courts 11-14

Cost: $40 per team. 

Format: Mixed Doubles 3.0

One Male and One Female per team

Sign up with the same partner for the whole league.

Teams play each of the other teams once.


Home Team Provides Balls - 1st Team on Schedule is the Home team and will also be the first server.

Each week 1 match will be played 

First to win 2 games to 11 win by 2

3rd game is only played if there is a tie. In game 3 change sides when one team reaches 6.

Medals given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams

Additional information

Equipment: Players must have their own paddles and balls : Yellow Outdoor Franklin X-40 ball

Matches will be played on courts # 11-14 and start at 630pm

Teams will play at different times each week, make sure to check the schedule.   Schedule will be sent out August 11th.  All League play is self Officiated- if there are any questions please refer to

Scoresheets will be provided for each game and must be signed off by each team player

Rainouts- Will be handled on a week to week basis- see Kiss Gunther if any questions

There will be a 10 minute grace period for late arrivals any later and it is considered a forfeit.

No shows will not be tolerated and can result in disqualification from the league.

Standings will be based on OVERALL match Win/Loss

Tie breakers- 1st Tie Breaker - Head to head game

2nd Tie Breaker - Total Points

If three or more teams tie there will be a playoff

Contact Kiss Gunther, the League Coordinator at, if you have any questions.

Players - Division 3.0

Team 1 - Dana and John Davis    -

Team 2 - Debbie Ostrofsky and Tony Kemper

Team 3 - Nancy Fenstermacher and Jerry Porter

Team 4 - Bebe Murphy and John McCowan

Team 5 - Shanda and Jimmy Piercy

Team 6 - Lori and Bill Bridges

Team 7 - Jackie Burley and Mike Burley 

Team 8- Jamie Bull and Laurie Frazier



Week 1 - Aug 17

Court 11  2vs1

Court 12  3vs8

Court 13  4vs7

Court 14  5vs6


Week 2 - Aug 24

Court 11 5vs2

Court 12  1vs7

Court 13  8vs6

Court 14  3vs4

Week 3 - Aug 31

Court 11  7vs8

Court 12  5vs3

Court 13  4vs1

Court 14  6vs2


Week 4 - Sep 7

Court 11 2vs3

Court 12  8vs4

Court 13  6vs1

Court 14  7vs5


Week 5 - Sep 14

Court 11  7vs6

Court 12  2vs4

Court 13  5vs8

Court 14  1vs3


Week 6 - Sep 21

Court 11  4vs5

Court 12  8vs1

Court 13  2vs7

Court 14  6vs3


Week 7 - Sep 28

Court 11  6vs4

Court 12  7vs3

Court 13  1vs5

Court 14  8vs2




  Name Won Lost Point Diff
1 Dana Davis/ John Davis 5 1 39
2 Debbie Ostrofsky/ Tony Kemper 4 3 -20
3 Jerry Porter/ Nancy Fenstermacher 2 4 -32
4 Bebe Murphy/ John McCowan 4 2 47
5 Shanda Piercy /Jimmy Piercy 3 3 25
6 Lori Bridges/ Bill Bridges      
7 Jackie Burley/ Mike 4 2 63
8 Jamie Bull / Laurie Frazier 0 6 -140


1st Dana/John

2nd Jackie/Mike

3rd Bebe/John

4th Shanda/Jimmy

5th Debbie/Tony

6th Nancy/Jerry

7th Laurie/Jamie


                Dana and John Davis - 1st Place


     Jackie and Mike Burley - 2nd Place - No photo


     Bebe Murphy and John McCowan - 3rd Place


And in no particular order


                                Shanda and Jimmy

                        Debbie and Tony

                  Nancy and Jerry

                   Laurie and Jamie