Places to Play Pickleball

Odell Weeks (OW)  - This is a City of Aiken Recreation Department facility located at 1700 Whiskey Road.  Odell Weeks offers six indoor air-conditioned pickleball courts for play.  It’s also the home of the annual Palmetto Indoor Pickleball Doubles Invitational Tournament.  Odell Weeks is part of the Virginia Acres Park complex that has four purposely built lighted outdoor pickleball courts with permanent nets - located off of Top Notch Road.  Go to Calendar to view a monthly schedule showing the exact times of indoor play.  


Gregg Park Civic Center (GPCC) - Gregg Park Civic Center (GPCC) is an air- conditioned facility located at 119 Trolley Lane Road, Graniteville, SC,  approximately five miles from downtown Aiken. GPCC has six indoor pickleball courts. Daytime morning play is usually on Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday.  Evening play on Wednesday. The complete schedule for indoor pickleball play at Gregg Park Civic Center is posted on the Calendar page.  Gregg Park also has two lighted outdoor pickleball courts.  Nets have to be checked out at the front desk.


First Presbyterian Church (FPC) - First Presbyterian (also known as 1st Pres) offers Monday evening play from 6 - 9 pm.  They have three courts - Court #1 for drop-in play; Courts 2 for court reservations.  Court #3 is currently closed for repairs.  Go to "Sign ups" to reserve a court  or sign up for drop-in play.  One of our members will be there at 6pm to unlock the front door and help with setting up the courts.  At the end of play, our same member will assist in taking the nets down and storing the equipment.  He will also be locking the front door once everyone is out.   Donations $2. First Presbyterian Church is located at 224 Barnwell Ave NW, in downtown Aiken.  At lease four players need to be signed up to play or the session will be cancelled.


Houndslake Country Club (HCC) - Houndslake CC  has just finished building three outdoor lighted pickleball courts with more to come.  Grand Opening was Saturday, October 5th, 2019.   Donation required.


Eustis Park (EP) - A City of Aiken facility located at 96 Eustis Park Avenue in downtown Aiken.  EP has four purpose-built outdoor pickleball courts with permanent nets. Considered the best place in Aiken to play outdoor pickleball - both for the quality of play and the fact that the courts are shaded.   No lights.  


First Baptist Church (FBC) - The First Baptist Church (FBC) located at 120 Chesterfield St N, in downtown Aiken, offers drop-in pickleball play from 2 - 5 pm, Mondays and Tuesdays.  They have two indoor courts. Donations are $2.