Odell Weeks (OW)

Odell Weeks (OW)  - This is a City of Aiken Recreation Department facility located at 1700 Whiskey Road.  Odell Weeks offers six indoor air-conditioned pickleball courts for play.  Go to Calendar on this website to view a monthly schedule showing the exact times of indoor play.  Odell Weeks is also the home of the annual Palmetto Indoor Pickleball Doubles Invitational Tournament normally held each year in September
In addition, Odell Weeks is part of the Virginia Acres Park complex that has fourteen (14) purposely built lighted outdoor pickleball courts with permanent nets - located at 1635 Two Notch Rd  Road.  The courts outside are for all to enjoy without a designated schedule. It would be great if all could play together and respect the desire of the game.  With no rules prohibiting this to happen, it is suggested that players waiting to play kindly ask players occupying the courts if they can share the space or ask what time they will finish their game. Hopefully, this will help with any concerns.