Board Meeting Minutes 9/14/2020

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Board Meeting Minutes 9/14/2020

Leadership Team Meeting – Monday, Sept. 14, 2020 at 5:30pm – via Zoom

In attendance were Joyce Noland,  Linda Blake, George Carr, Rob Bromley, Marian Garcia, Stephanie Wolfe, Megan Hollenbeck,  Faith Loeb,  Mo Garcia, LarryHowell , Ron Nelson, Leslie McCowen and Marissa Evans.

Joyce called the meeting to order.  Only a few items to discuss.

Open Play

  • The survey response had a significant number of players in favor or open play.

  • OW courts 2 and 5 will remain closed. Open play will be from 9-11am on Wed, Fri and Sat only on courts 1 and 3.  Courts 4 and 6 will remain court reservations only.

  • THIS IS NOT DROP IN PLAY!! You must sign up to make sure the number of players at each court remains within safe ranges.

  • Open play at Gregg park on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday has been reduced to one court for lack of play.


New Players

  • Mo brought up information about new players. There are new players taking lessons and a new player clinic is scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd.  

  • Linda and Faith gave us more info regarding new players practice that they will schedule later in the month for those that attend a new player clinic.  Time and date yet to be determined.

Play at Smith-Hazel

  • Our current availability is Mon and Wed 10am to 12noon.

  • There is a concern  about how little we are utilizing this facility. Mo and other members gave us a great review of the court space. But this is a city facility and if it remains unused during our time allowance, they may find a different use for it.

  • Joyce voiced a very valid point. Right now because of Covid concerns and lack of other sports we have plenty of space to play but that could change in the fall. We need to encourage reservations at this facility so we don't lose it.

A potential Round Robin in the works

  • We are thinking about a RR right before Thanksgiving. Right now we are looking into selection of location – Gregg Park  (indoor) and Houndslake (outdoor) are a couple of possibilities.

  • We are in the first planning steps and want your feedback. Joyce is sending a survey and please take a few minutes to give us your thoughts. There are both good and bad aspects of either indoor or outdoor and we want help with this decision.  We also would like your input in levels, age and type of event. There was also a lot of discussion about who would be asked to participate giving the special conditions  while we are dealing with Covid. We want to make sure that this RR is safe and fun for everyone.

Bebe Murphy

  • Our dear Bebe needs some extra time and is stepping down from her 3.0H rep responsibilities. She will continue to do our bulletin boards but we need a replacement rep. If you are interested please contact Joyce, Ron or George.

  • Joyce also pointed out that the leadership positions will turn over on January 1st. Ron and Joyce will be rotating off their current leadership roles. George will have an additional year in his role.  This is a great opportunity for you guys to be part of this wonderful team of people. If you are interested  in being considered for the leadership committee role contact Joyce, Ron or George.

Player Reps input

  • Most reps because of the reduced play had no input at this time.

  • Megan took this time to express her appreciation for the leadership that Joyce, Ron and George along with the team have provided for pickleball in Aiken. She listed all the places she has played (Michigan, CA, etc..) and she said that ours is the best program. She added we were very lucky and blessed to have the program and leadership we have.

  • Larry gave us some feedback on the North Augusta Pickleball (which is going great and growing), and the Montclaire tournament in Augusta.

  • Mo said that he was approached by a new member that wants to be an ambassador in Bamburg. They want to start a program there.

Next Meeting will be Monday, Oct 5th, 2020 at 5:30pm via Zoom