Board Meeting Minutes 5/4/2020

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Board Meeting Minutes 5/4/2020

Leadership Team Meeting – Monday, May 4th, 2020 at 5:00pm – via Zoom

In attendance were Joyce Noland,  Linda Blake, George Carr, Rob Bromley, Marian Garcia, Stephanie Wolfe, Megan Hollenbeck,  Faith Loeb, Mo Garcia, Bebe Murphy, Larry Howell, Pat Smith, Ron Nelson, David Hoel, Mike Bechner, Jeff Bechner and Marissa Evans.

Joyce called the meeting to order. Did a quick review of the agenda:

Round Robin on June 27th  - We are considering canceling it.

Format for Reopening  Need to think about special guidelines and take in consideration the suggestions put out by the USAPA.

Also, Michelle Bullington  asked for a photographer to take action shots to upload to the website and Larry volunteered.  To reply to Michelle please send an email to

Regarding the tournament, the city has agreed to open the registration and if they have to cancel, they will do refunds.

Round Robin at Gregg Park on June 27th

  • Joyce asked what everyone thought about the RR? Mo suggested we talk to GPCC directly and find out what their thoughts are. Joyce said we need to first decide if we can get folks to participate because the volunteers will mostly come from our membership. 

  • We decided to vote on it and  after the vote, it was agreed to cancel it but keeping in mind that if things start to improve rapidly we might reconsider. So registration will not open until we have a second vote at our June meeting. This gives us a chance to send an email and see what everyone else  feels about it.

  • Marissa asked if we could postpone it? Joyce and Mo agreed that once things start opening up, there will be so many events that it would be hard to schedule plus we will have league play that has been delayed from spring.

Note:  The Round Robin has been postponed - possibly rescheduled in mid-August

Format for reopening and additional comments

  • Mo said that the city is about to make an announcement regarding outdoor courts. We can start offering lessons starting almost immediately. Mo suggested the following combinations: 2 couples, Pro plus 3 or individual lessons and making sure both Pro and participants are comfortable with the arrangements. This will allow people to get back into pickleball and minimize injuries.

  • Little Mo is out until everything is back to normal.

  • There was  an active discussion regarding the guidelines for the outdoor courts.  First and foremost, we need to wait until the city gives us guidelines but we can be preparing some recommendations to give them from our group. Joyce will send an email to get everyone's input in the recommendations to be presented.

  • Rob and Mo gave examples of how the reopening is being handled in other groups and towns but the conclusion was the same: we have to be in agreement with the city guidelines.

  • Joyce pointed out that churches, as they open, are also a viable option and Mo reminded everyone of the Eustis Park outdoor tennis courts with  temporary nets.

  • We also discussed the implementing of temporary lines on the tennis courts once we secure permission from the city and how those would be made. Also discussed was the possible signing out method for temporary nets. But once again, we need to approach the city with the plan and be in agreement.

  • Another option is Houndslake, $5 fee. Courts reservations are being handled by them but there is a link in our website.

  • There was some discussion about limiting the amount of players or allowed playtime per player per week. It was agreed that  the most important thing is to self police, be thoughtful and allow the maximum amount of people to play. Be kind and be fair. One of the main suggestions was to keep the court for a max. of 2 hrs to allow other people access.

 Next Meeting will be Monday, June 1st, 2020  via Zoom