What makes Pickleball so special?

What makes Pickleball so special?    We had four new players show up at Odell to attend a New Players Clinic scheduled to start at 0845am.   They had never played pickleball before.  Had never been to Odell before.  They had no idea how to get started.   The only thing they had going for them, they all had previous experience playing a racquet sport (racquetball and/or tennis) and they were all eager to start.  

Only one problem - the instructor for the clinic got sidelined and was unable to show up.   I got a call around 9:30am asking if I could go to Odell and help out.  When I arrived there were four players on Court 1 playing a game and having a good time.  One of the players from drop-in-play was helping them with court position and other parts of the game.  He, or someone else from drop-in-play, had already shown them how to put up a net.  They knew how to keep score; how to do a normal serve; basically where to stand’ and understood the concept of the kitchen.  At that point they were all playing well enough that they could all come back the next day and join drop-in-play.  Yes they were hitting balls out and/or into the net, but who doesn’t?

So to repeat the question - What makes Pickleball so special?  The answer is the players  willing to help others enjoy the game.  Thank you.