The Picklebill Summit

A free summit JUST for pickleball lovers is kicking off on April 20.  Since the courts are closed, The Picleball Summiit is  bringing pickleball into your home.  The Summit is bringing together pickleball pros and coaches, health, wellness and gear experts.  Whether you are a 4.5 player or just picked up a paddle, there is something for everyone.  It will cover things like 

- Poaching - When to Poach and the Benefits of Poaching

- Who’s Got it? Covering the Court Through Geometry

- The Art of the Ernie

- Everyone Wants to be a Referee, They Just Don't Know it Yet - Being a Referee will Improve your Game

- Training With Intelligence: How small Things can make a difference when it comes to Practicing

- CBD for recovery and wellness

And so much more.  The best part? It’s totally FREE!  Get your FREE ticket and join us April 20-22 at

Terry Schwab | Co-Founder

T | 310.906.9614