Open play to expand to six courts

Starting Wednesday April 21, open play will expand to all six courts on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.  - On Wednesday open mixed play from 9-10am; court designation play from 10am-1230pm.  - On Saturdays open mixed play from 915-1015am; court designation play from 1015am-1230pm.  Court designation as follows:

With all six courts - Ct1 - 3.0L and below; Ct2 - 3.0-3.0H; Ct3 3.0H-3.5L; Ct4 - 3.5L-3.5; Ct5 - 3.5-3.5H; Ct6 4.0+;  

With five courts -   Ct2 - 3.0L and below; Ct3 - 3.0-3.0H; Ct4 3.5L-3.5; Ct5 3.5-3.5H; Ct6 4.0+  (Lesson on Court 1);   

With just four courts - Ct3 - 3.0L and below; Ct4 - 3.0-3.0H; Ct5 - 3.5L-3.5; Ct6 - 3.5H+ (New Players Clinic on Courts 1 & 2)

If you haven't been rated, now might be a good time.  Next skill rating session is Wednesday April 21 at Smith-Hazel.  Click here to sign up.