Welcome New Players

We just finished a new players clinic this morning at Odell Weeks where seven (7) players were introduced to pickleball.  Please welcome Don & Karen Williams, Pat Runewitsch, Nancy Benson, Sheri & Bill Gibson and Tom Slack to Aiken Pickleball.

 If you see these newbies or anyone else standing around looking lost, please help them..

The following words of wisdom are from Daniel J. Howard, a pickleball professional, entitled "Show Grace" It was recently posted on our Facebook page. Please take the time to read.
New players at your courts?
Be kind and include them. Show them the ropes of how you do things at your courts. Help them with the rules. Maybe gently offer some basic advice on how to play and where to move. Do not over-coach, but be willing to teach them what they need to know to want to stay with the game.
Weaker player shows up and wants to play?
Gently explain the alternative options for lower level play times (hopefully they are available), maybe even after you have included them in a game or two. Do not make them feel badly for wanting to be there.
You are the weaker player who is asked to play at another time or on lower level courts?
Accept that maybe the other players didn't intend to hurt your feelings. Make it a point to improve your game and re-join the stronger group in the future. Do not take it personally.
Your opponent makes a poor call?
Question it without being offended and if they confirm the call, let it go. Accept it and move on. Do not continue to argue or throw a tantrum.
Stronger player declines to play with you or your group?
Roll with it. Understand that he or she may have a number of other reasons for declining. It's quite likely it's not because they think you or your kids are ugly, okay? Let the water roll off your back. Do not accuse them of being a bad person or gossip about them to all your friends.
THAT GUY shows up?
Ugh. I know. I get it. I know him too. Do not roll your eyes and mutter and complain. Just show him some grace.
Show grace to your fellow man and woman and pickleball players. Wherever you go and whatever you do within the world of pickleball, remember to show grace.