Pickle Stuff by Richard Diemar

Congratulate yourself for being smart enough to play a sport that encourages movement, strength, finesse, hand-to-eye coordination, strategy and sportsmanship (most of the time). What better way to stay fit and have fun with old friends and new friends from both sexes in a town that provides easy, cheap access to court time and opportunities for competitive play, as well as no-pressure recreational play.

You can always get a game someplace in Aiken.

Or - would you rather sweat bullets with boring, repetitive movements on a mechanical treadmill, longing for it to be over while you glue your eyes on a TV screen like a second grader watching cartoons. In an hour, you can play 3-4 pickleball games and have some fun.

Think of all the people you have met in the courts outdoors and indoors, and how friendly almost all of them have been.  Aiken, with great city co-operation, is a regional pickleball center.

Remarkable shots

Recently: Jack M- lunged to return a dink that trickled over the net- made the shot then fell on his back when he tried to return to his position. His shot was returned and Jack returned it successfully while still flat on his back. The other side made a great play to return that shot then Jack’s partner finally returned it for a winner.