Board Meeting Minutes 11/06/2018

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Board Meeting Minutes 11/06/2018

Board Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, November 6, 2018, Room 2, Odell Weeks at 5:30PM

In attendance were Joyce Noland, Nancy Vermilye, Faith Loeb, Chuck Buchanan, Diane Voss, Barb Dellamora, Stephanie Wolfe, Dianne Floyd, Vicki Thomas, Gene Thomas, Linda Blake, Beverly Edwards, Grace Vance and Nancy Racki.


First Presbyterian update and discussion of play formats and session times       

There are three courts available for play at First Presbyterian.  Mondays are all court reservation play with times from 2:00-4:00PM and 4:00-6:00PM. Tuesday’s times are from 5:00PM-9:00PM and consist of one court for open play and two courts for reserve courts.  All three courts are available for open play on Saturdays from 8:00AM-12:00PM.       

  • Players MUST sign up for First Presbyterian play on the Aiken Pickledillys website through Sign-up Genius just as they do for Odell Weeks.  A total of twenty-four players are permitted to sign up for open play.  If there are not enough players to fill slots for open play or court reserve, play sessions will be cancelled.
  • There is a $2.00 fee per playing session which goes directly to the church as a donation to help cover heating and air conditioning costs and wear and tear of gym.   Joyce and/or Nancy will hold the donated money.
  • The current format of play is on an experimental basis.  In December, there is a possibility that play will be divided into two, two hour increments.  This will be decided after the current format play has been evaluated.


Bank Account

  • There will be NO bank account opened for the Aiken Pickledillys.
  • We have collected $850.00 in donations from players for First Presbyterian.  We have purchased our own equipment.  The expenses for this equipment totaled $882.00.
  • Joyce created a spreadsheet for monies in and monies out. 


Chuck Buchanan – Give report on new happenings

  • A pickleball demonstration has been arranged at Gregg Park in Graniteville on November 19 at 10:30AM.  Grace Vance has agreed to instruct new players in attendance.  There will be call for at least six Aiken Pickledilly volunteers to assist in this demo.
  • Diane Voss suggested that consider to also instruct kids/youngsters in the Eustis Park Area with volunteers from the Aiken Pickledillys be performed.
  • Chuck Buchanan stated that George Buggs suggested a pickleball demonstration to be held at Eustis Park.  There are currently four courts available for play at the park.   A building is currently under construction at Eustis Park, slated for completion and dedication in April of 2019.  Yolanda Monroe is the contact person to arrange the demonstration. ******

****** George Buggs offered the following clarification to this item after the meeting: 

This is offered as clarification of the minutes (11/6/2018) noted on the Aiken Pickleball website. The difference in information provided should provide the readers with clear understanding of the project:  

"George Buggs took the initial steps to providing a two-hour pickleball clinic at Eustis Park. Via the Recreation Commission the PRT was informed of George's interest in expanding the game to the northside community. The PRT department supported George's idea and offered him use of Eustis park's pickleball courts. There are four pb courts at Eustis. A subcommittee was created to further this goal of a clinic for folks (students and seniors) who are currently unexposed to the game, or may know about it, but have not tried the game. Mr. Buggs desires to have the clinic on the same day the new senior/youth center at Eustis park is formally opened. George has arranged to provide pickleball paddles, free of charge, to all 24 participants. Chuck Buchanan has agreed to provide a free ball to each participant as well. Mrs. Yolanda Monroe, a professional instructor, and avid player has agreed to provide instruction for the assembled group of participants. She may be assisted by another player. Mrs. Monroe resides in New Jersey. She attended the last pickleball tournament at Odell weeks. We hope all can find the final date set is compatible with their schedules. More than a few community leaders have expressed interest in this project."


Reassessment of usefulness of “NR” rating

  • Joyce Noland stated that not all players are rated after the three month period required.  The question raised was: Should the non-rated players be assigned an NR/2.0 rating separate from the other 2.5 players?  This would make it clear as to which players have decided not to become officially rated. 
  • After discussion among leadership members present, it was decided that the “NR” will be used to mark non-rated players.


Possible Round Robin in January at First Presbyterian

  • Nancy Vermilye stated that a Round Robin event is being arranged at First Presbyterian with a tentative date of January 12, 2019.  This will be an all-day event with the format to be determined.
  • There will be an announcement when plans for the Round Robin have been finalized.


Hopeland Gardens Volunteers

  • Both Nancy Vermilye and Joyce Noland stated that there is still a need for volunteers to be hosts on December 19 at Hopeland Gardens.  The time slot needed most are volunteers from 7:30-9:30PM.  Players should use the website to sign up and see which stations are available.  An e-blast will be sent seeking additional volunteers.
  • Beverly Edwards and Beverly Bonnet-King will be assisting Loretta Beckner in making ornaments from pickleballs for the Hopeland Garden pickledilly elves to wear the evening they volunteer to host.


2018 Fall League Update and Request for League Director Volunteer

  • Rainouts have been a problem this season for fulfilling the league schedule.  Nancy Vermilye and the rest of the captains will do their best to reschedule and complete the matches.
  • Nancy Vermilye announced that the league is seeking a new director to take over for Mo Garcia.  She stressed that director does not need to be present at each match. 


Announcement of New Rating Committee Chairperson

  • It was announced that Diane Voss has agreed to become the new Rating Committee Chairperson. Ron Nelson will remain on the committee as a rater and help Diane with her duties.


Next Social

  • The next Social is schedule for December 6 in Rooms 1 & 2 at Odell Weeks.  As with our past socials, details will be available on our website.
  • A cookie exchange will take place for those who wish to participate and door prizes will be provided for those in attendance.  Gym 2 will NOT be available for anyone wishing to play after the social. 


Update on Marcia Gable’s Husband

  • Nancy Vermilye related to us that Marcia Gable’s husband had taken ill while in Canada and had spent time in the ICU.  He had just been moved to a regular room at the time of our meeting.  It was unclear when he would be well enough to travel back to Aiken.


Attendance Data

  • Joyce Noland was able to obtain the most accurate data in reference to our paying members who come and play at Odell Weeks thanks to the new computer system that was installed earlier in this summer.  The date did not include players who are members of Silver Sneakers, since their membership is paid by a Medicare plan and not out of pocket.  
  • Joyce will be sending this data information for Sept-Oct 2018, in the form of a PDF file, to members of the leadership team.


Date Change for Meetings

  • Nancy and Joyce poled those in attendance to see if the meetings could be permanently changed from Tuesday to either a Monday or Thursday beginning in January 2019.  Grace Vance stated that she would not be able to attend Thursday meetings.  The rest of the members could attend either of the proposed days. 
  • Joyce will send out an e-blast to obtain additional feedback from members who were not present before a decision is finalized.


Additional Note:

Grace Vance has been officially certified as an instructor and is now able to give lessons at Odell Weeks.


Next Meeting

The meeting adjourned at 6:45PM.  The next leadership meeting will be held on Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 5:00PM at Odell Weeks.