Gregg Park Round Robin Photos and Results

Women's 3.0 Division


Gold (center) – Judy Degregorio and Debbie Rossetti

Silver (left) – Linda Bourbeau and Aimee Harwick

Bronze (right) – Bebe Murphy and Jan Snipes


Women's 3.5 Division

Gold (center) – Amy Buck and Sally Serago

Silver (left) – Tanya Hoffman and Savannah Price

Bronze (right) – Kathy Giddings and Rita Turner


Men's 3.0 Division

Gold (center) – Davion Bellinger and Chuck Harvey

Silver (left) – Tony Kemper and Steve Schnitzer

Bronze (right) – Cesar Paraiso and Andrew Stivanson


Men's 3.5 Division


Gold (center) – Mark Giddings and Andrew Escobar

Silver (left) – Andrew Hughes and Ryan Keeley

Bronze (right) – David Honea and Doug Weiss


Men's 4.0 Division Winners

Gold (center) – Brandon Hoffman and Chris Tubbs

Silver (left) – Doug Boessneck and Harve Mobley

Bronze (right) – Brian Eberhard and Bob Fogle