New Nets at Odell

In case you haven’t noticed, we now have new nets at Odell Weeks.  And if you haven’t noticed you obviously haven’t tried to put one up.  Being brand new, they are a little tight but hopefully they will get easier to put up as the nets stretch out.  The good news is that only one rod is different – it’s male at both ends. Start with that one and just keep going as all the other rods are the same length. Don’t forget the center brace.

There is one slight change: the center net pole goes on one side of the center brace frame and the net goes on the other.  It’s not a big problem world if you have it backwards as it will still work; it is just designed that way.  Hint - after you get the frame together, try putting the net’s center pole in first and go from there.  If you are still having problems, don’t hesitate to ask someone for help.

And if you happen to discover a net tape that is broken, please roll up the net and take it to the front desk to be repaired.  In lieu of using duct tape as a quick fix, the nets are actually repaired by replacing the broken tape and then hand stitched.