Mo Power Sport LLC

Mo Power Sport LLC

Thinking of buying a new pickleball paddle?  Or maybe you just need to replace the grip on you current paddle?  How about getting an Aiken Pickleball T-Shirt? Well you are in luck.

Mo Garcia, our Head Professional Pickleball Instructor, and his wife Marian, can accommodate almost any request related to Pickleball  Mo has demo paddles that you can try out to find the one best for you. He can also get you discounts on most paddles and/or replace your old grip in minutes.  He is the Onix pickleball representative in Aiken and had both indoor and outdoor Onix yellow and orange balls in stock. Marian is the poc for ordering Alken PB T-Shirts.

Other items available:

  • Nets

  • PB Bags

  • PB Paddle Covers

  • PB Medals

  • Court separators and dividers

  • PB Court Lining Tapes (indoor and outdoor)

Mo also has safety sports glasses with interchangeable lenses for indoor and outdoor play with the provision to insert prescription lenses.

You can contact Mo via email at