Mixed Doubles Ladder Round Robin

The Aiken Pickleball Mixed Doubles Ladder came to its final conclusion with a hard fought Round Robin.  Christine Chandler and Brian Eberhard won the gold medal, winning all for their matches.  Leslie McCowan and George Dazell won silver, and Michele Bullington and Bob Fogel took home the bronze.  Well done.  Special thanks to Chris Tubbs for organizing the Ladder and running the Round Robin.  See photos and detailed results below.

Front Row L-R - Leslie McCowan, Christine Chandler, Michele Bullington

Back Rob L_R - George Dazlell, Brian Eberhard, Bob Fogel


Gold Medal Winners - Christine Chandler and Brian Everhard


Silver Medal Winners - Leslie McCowan and George Dalzell


Bronze Medal Winners - Michele Bullington and Bob Fogel

Gold Medal - Christine  Chandler & Brian Eberhard 7-0

Silver Medal - Leslie McCowan & George Dalzell 6-1

Bronze Medal - Michele Bullington & Bob Fogle 4-3 (won head-to-head tie-breaker)

4th Place Marian Garcia & Rob Bromly 4-3

Maria Jones & Mike Wells 3-4

Judy Barniak & Ben Stephens 2-5

Barbara Dellemora & Jim Wheeler 2-5

Mike Dickhart & Jeremy McCoy 0-7