Little Mo is coming to Smith-Hazel

"Little Mo" is back!  The drills with "Little Mo" will return on Monday, October 19th, and every Monday thereafter until the end of December.  The drills will be held at the Smith-Hazel Recreation Center located at 400 Kershaw Street in northeast Aiken.  There will be two sessions with the same theme back-to-back 10-11am and 11am-12pm each Monday.

Cost is $10 per person per session. Due to social distancing each session is limited to a maximum of six players (minimum of three).    Players can only sign up for one session per day.  Payment can be made at the Odell Weeks or Smith-Hazel front desks.  The receipt must be presented to the instructor at the time of the drill.    

Click here to sign up or select “Little Mo at SH” under our Sign-up lists.  The first five sessions are now available for sign up.  If you have signed up for a session and will not be able to attend, please remove your name from the sign-up.  Players who do not attend and who have not removed their names at least 24 hours in advance will still be required to pay for the session.  Failure to pay for missed sessions will make that person ineligible to sign up for future sessions. 

As in the past, each week will have a different theme.  

October 19 - Return of Serve, down the line (Forehand and Backhands).

October 26 - Dinks with a purpose; hitting your target spots (Forehand and Backhands).

November 2 - Half Volley soft drop; Half Volley drives.

November 9 - Overhead smash; Volley snap at the kitchen.

November 16 - 3rd Shot drop (Forehand and Backhand)

November 23 - Drive topspin Volley

November 30 - King/Queen of the court, (Doubles)

December 7 - Drop, Chip, Drive.

December 14 - Lobs

December 21 - Specialty shots (Various Big Mo Shot choices).

Face masks are required for entry into Smith-Hazel.  The card  you use to access Odell Weeks will allow you entry into Smith-Hazel.  

Skill Levels do not matter in Drills with Little Mo.   Players rotate hitting balls fed by a ball machine..  Doesn't make any difference if you are a 2.0 or a 4.0.
Each player normally hits about 8 balls in a row and then rotates    If they go over fine, if not it is still fine.  Mo is there to show everyone the proper technique
The best news is, after players hit about 50 balls you see a tremendous improvement.  This is one of the reason these drills are so popular.  Highly recommended to improve your game no matter what level you play.  Best $10 you will ever spend on PB