Drills with "Little Mo"

Starting Friday, August 9th, from 11am - 12 noon, there will be a new clinic entitled “Drills with Little Mo”.   “Little Mo” is the ball machine that can feed a pickleball every couple of seconds so you can groove your groundstrokes and work on your volleys and overheads. 

The best news is that Big Mo will also be there to provide you feedback and show you proper techniques. Cost is only $5 per person. The clinic is limited to a minimum of 3 players, with a maximum of 8.  You are guaranteed to hit more than fifty balls or your money back.

If there is enough interest, the clinic will be repeated again on Fridays throughout the month of August - same time 11am - 12 noon.  Sign up at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0a4aada929a7fa7-newplayer and pay at the front desk of Odell Weeks.  Please give the receipt to your instructor when you get to the court.

  "Little Mo"