The articles Lesson with a Difference, Drills with “Little Mo”, and Wednesday Clinics are the results of a meeting that took place last Tuesday between the Leadership Team and our certified instructors. The focus was on feedback received from various players on ways to improve lessons and clinics.  

We know that we can please some of you most of the time, most of you some of the time, and although it is probably an impossible task, we will continue to try and please all of you, all of the time.  But we can not do it alone - we need your feedback! 

If you see something that is wrong, or have suggestions on how things can be improved - please provide your positive feedback to the members of the Leadership Team  at  That address forwards to all three Leadership Team members.  You can also provide input through your player representative.  Their photos and email addresses are displayed under the “Contact us” tab.  Thank you.