Court 5 at Odell Weeks - Open/Close

Court 5  was discussed in detail at the Leadership Team meeting held on Monday, January 4th, via Zoom - a video conferencing software application.  Currently Court 5 is only open for the first session of the day from 0845-11am.  It was agreed by all to keep Court 5 open during this time slot with the following restrictions.

  1. Players on court 5 must stop playing  no later than 11am.

  2. Players must then take down and put away the net.  

  3. Players should completely vacate the court and exit the gym no later than 1115am unless invited to play on another court.

  4. During play, the break area for Court 5 will be in the back corner by the glass doors near Court 4.  

  5. All players need to practice social distancing and respect the concerns of others during the pandemic.