Why People Play Pickleball

The following was posted by Brandon Swanson on the Pickleball Forum.  It’s good food for thought for all of us.

Some play just for fun. Stop encouraging them to play tournaments.

Some play for fitness. Stop telling them they have to play differently.

Some play to challenge themselves and play hard. Stop telling them to ease up.

Some play to improve and win tournaments. Stop telling them it’s just for fun.

Some people want to play with players their own skill level. Stop telling them to “give back to the sport.”


Find a like-minded group of players and enjoy the elements of the game YOU enjoy. Don’t try to change those around you to serve your own wants.

Talk to each other. Pickleball grew up overnight and I see us becoming a big dysfunctional family with an identity crisis.

We can be all these things! (listed above)

We can be tournament and festival. We can be family and competitors. Rivals and friends. Drop and drive.

Take a breath and let this sport shape itself around you. Let others know what you’re looking for.