USCA Round Robin Results

Thanks to all who particilapted in the USCA Round Robin!   

The most remarkable shot of the tournament that didn't count

by Richard Diemar

In the 3.5 Division - tournament play - Chuck B:  Other side hit top of the net, ball landed softly in right side of court. Partner on that side could not get to it - Chuck raced in from left side at Mach 1, lunged and returned it gently for winner. The crowd went crazy.  Only one problem - Chuck’s momentum carried him into the net, ever so slightly, while making the shot and he lost the point (other side apologized, but said they had to enforce rule).  Still a remarkable shot.

The results and pictures of the medal winners from each division are listed below. 

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3.0 Division:

Gold - Nancy Cox, Joe Cox

Silver - Miriam James, Raymond James

Bronze - Monty Kitchings, Daniel Tucker

3.5 Division

Gold - Jim Corbett, Anne Rheins

Silver - Beverly Shaver, Keith Shaver

Bronze  - Diane Voss, Chuck Buchanan

4.0 Division

Gold - Sharlene Buggs, Mo Garcia

Silver - Yong Ko, Mark Carter

Bronze - Marian Garcia, Jim Kabel