Pickleball for Parkinson's - It Can Change Your Life

Pickleball- it’s the rage! People all over America are enjoying this low-impact paddle sport, while enjoying the fun, laughter, and exercise it provides. Described as a combination of ping-pong, tennis, and badminton, pickleball is simple to learn, easy on the body, lots of fun, and you don’t even have to be fit to play.

Studies have shown that pickleball is particularly beneficial for those with Parkinson’s Disease, an incurable neurological disorder involving muscle control. Since exercise is a key component in slowing down the progression of Parkinson’s, many people with the disease are turning to pickleball to help them maintain balance and mobility, better perform daily tasks, and continue to live normal, productive lives. It’s a means for these people to be active and keep going while they still can.

Several years ago, what I thought was only a minor tremor in my left hand, turned out to be the early stages of Parkinson’s. In an attempt to slow the progression of this debilitating disease, I began playing pickleball several days a week. I soon found myself laughing and having so much fun on the courts that I would often forget about my symptoms while playing.

With this disease, you have to be active and keep yourself going. Pickleball proved to be a great way for me to improve my coordination and movement, become mentally and socially active, and delay my need for Parkinson’s medication. Eight years later, I am still enjoying pickleball several days a week and continue to reap its benefits while keeping my symptoms at bay. Pickleball has changed my life!

Clinics for “Pickleball for Parkinson’s” are currently being offered at the Hillview Baptist Family Life Center at no cost. The clinics are open to anyone with Parkinson’s Disease, essential tremors, or other movement disorders. To sign up or get more information, contact Nelson Swartzentruber at truber3066@gmail.com. Pickleball can change your life!

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