What is Modified Open Play

First of all, it is a great way for beginners to become acquainted with the game of pickleball.  Court #1 is normally designated for beginners so players just starting to take up the game can play together.

It is helpful to have at least one experienced player who is willing to help with some of the basics of pickleball such as, how to keep score,  where to stand when your side is serving or receiving serve, basic playing strategy and the non-volley zone. These players - a maximum of six - will queue adjacent to court one.

The rest of the players will queue adjacent to Court #3. Again, with a maximum of six players per court.  Because of social distancing, players should remain and rotate in their own group.    Normal rotation is - winners split - losers sit.  If you play two games in a row, you should sit if other players are waiting. That is the plan. What actually happens will depend on how many players sign and show up.  And that is the difference between modified and regular open play - you must sign up in advance.  You can't just drop-in.  The great thing about open play is you get to meet a lot of nice people, and that is how friendships are formed.  Enjoy.

Face masks are required for entry into Odell Weeks.