Minutes for May Leadership Team Meeting - May 6th

Minutes for the Leadership Team Meeting held on May 6, 2024 @ 5:15pm

Attendees:      Joyce Noland, George Carr, Mo Garcia, Jay Wilson, Chuck Buchanan, Faith Loeb, Dean Cheatham, Jody Madden, Christy Pritchard, Sally Serago, Marcia Stivanson, Linda Blake, Harve Mobley, Kathy Reiter, John Reiter, Lori King, Jeremy Crow, Bill Bourbeau,  Marian Garcia, Stephen Donnelly and Brian Eberhard

Joyce announced that Marcia Stivanson accepted the Secretary position on the API Board of Directors.  Cheryl Breidenbach is still the Secretary of the Leadership committee

Player Rep Reports:    

Lori King: some players have asked about the changes with hours & reservations.  Players at Groovy Tuesday were confused by open play vs designated play & she explained the difference to them.

Sally Serago:   no report

Marian Garcia: no report

Christy Pritchard: no report

Jeremy Crow:  He commented that not many 3.5-4.0 have been at designated court after open court.  Joyce thought that it was possible that lower rated players are trying to play with the higher rated players & that takes away the higher rated players level of play.  After the discussion on how the designated courts are now set up (Courts 1-3, beginners-3.0 - Courts 4-6, 3.5-4.0) it was decided to leave the set up as it is now.

Linda Blake commented that she is having a problem getting responses to her emails from the new players.

Court Reservations:     We had a long discussion about court reservation sign-up vs rolling reservations.  Joyce gave a detailed description of how the rolling reservation would work, Cheryl Breidenbach emailed her comments since she was not able attend the meeting, Marcia read her comments to the committee, Cheryl was not in favor of the rolling reservation system.  We took a vote, majority voted to keep the reservation system as is.

Groovy Tuesday:         Everyone agreed that Groovy Tuesday was a huge success, it was decided to schedule another Groovy Tuesday on May 28th.  The same set up & format with the exception of the raffles, we would continue with the pizzas.  Stephen Donnelly will contact Sam’s Club to see if we could purchase the pizza from them because they have 18” pies, are inexpensive & are good, the only problem is that  someone would have to pick them up since they do not deliver, he will report back to the committee.  Chuck/Mo commented it might be a good place to remind players of the Palmetto Tournament to also  talk about USAP.

Ongoing/Upcoming:       George reported on the Drills with Harve & Mo; New player clinics; New player practice & the rating session on May 25th.  He said all have been going great & he needs upcoming schedules so he  can keep all updated.  George handed out Palmetto Tournament player cards and asked everyone to pass the cards on to people we play with as we need players to register for the tournament.  Flyers  have been posted on the outdoor courts.

Sponsorships:  Jody gave an update on the sponsorships, she prepared flyers/forms to be handed to businesses for either in-kind donations or monetary donations. She had plenty of flyers/forms if committee members  wanted to leave one at businesses they frequent.  Going well so far 

By-Laws:  Dean asked if the committee had any questions regarding the by-laws & if we were ready to pass them.  Majority voted to pass the by-laws.

Pacer Life:  Kathy Reiter reported the Pacer Life event on 5/4 was a huge success, 7 students attended the event.  Parents & Pacer Leadership commented how much they appreciated Mo and his patience in helping the students.  The Pacer rep was at the event and is very anxious to learn to play so she can work with the students.

Ambassador Reports:    

Chuck:  Mo, Joyce & Chuck went to the new facility in Lexington which had 4 outdoor courts & 8 indoor courts.  Amazing facility, it is membership only & open 24/7 with no supervision on site.

 Mo commented that the Palmetto Tournament is Chuck & Mo’s main focus & encouraging players to sign up.  Mo stated that USAP is in the process of making changes in the rating system which has been very confusing.  Pickleball Brackets is using DUPR rating system & Pickleball Brackets is changing their name to Pickleball.com.  It was announced that Harve is API's new teaching pro, Lisa Barrett Jones stepped down from from her position as teaching pro to teach closer to her home in Augusta.

Next Meeting:                   June 3rd @ 5:15pm