March Gladness

A lot of fun today and some great pickleball at Gregg Park.  Special thanks to all that helped make this a success.  Check out our Facebook page and below for photos.  The medal winners were -

Mixed Doubles 4.0

Gold  (Center)

Cheryl Breidenbach & Harve Mobley 

Silver (on right)

Amy Buck & Jeff Simizon

Bronze (on left)

Lisa Barrett-Johnson & Doug Weiss

Mixed Doubles 3.5 under 50

Gold (center)

Sarah Porter & Justin Jones 

Silver (on left)

Julie Felder & Jamie Felder 

Bronze (on right)

Mary Ellen Olson & Abel Dela Cruz

Mixed Doubles 3.5 - 50 And Above 

Gold  (center)

Christy Pritchard & Lee Fox 

Silver  (on left)

Miriam James & Dwight Jones 

Bronze  (on right)

Heidi Abele & Rob Harrington

Women’s Doubles 3.0 - 50 And Above

Gold  (center)

Julie Felder & Rene Kein 


Shana Sutphin & Nancy Woolwine 


Marie Klofenstine & Marcy Badertscher

Women’s Doubles Scramble  2.5  Age: (Any)


Sara Gates (center)


Ally Hough  (on left)


Rochelle Bergren  (on right)