Stacey Dezelon

by Loretta Beckner

Stacey Dezelon, along with her husband, Rich, moved to Aiken in 2010 and lived here for 5-6 years before moving back to Maryland.  Sadly, Stacey passed away on May 24th following a two year battle with cancer.  She was 54 years old.

In 2010, the City PRT gave Mike and Loretta Beckner permission to hold a pickleball demo at Odell Weeks.  Loretta met Stacey at a meeting and approached her about learning the sport of pickleball in order to play in the demo match.  Stacey and Rich were not only enthusiastic about the idea, but they picked up the sport quickly.  After helping the Beckners with the demo, they remained active players and supported the pickleball program as much as possible.

Stacey will be remembered for her fun, vibrant and caring personality.  She will be missed dearly by all of us who were fortunate enough to know her.  Rest in peace, Stacey.