Boomers and Beyond Bash

The results are in for Boomers and Beyond Bash Round Robin held at Gregg Park this Saturday, November 12th. Special thanks to Joyce Noland and all her helpers for putting on this event.   And the medal winners were -

4.0 Mixed Doubles 60+
Gold - Kathy and Mark Giddings
Silver - Kathy Thornton and Booker Paige
Bronze - Marian Garcia and Ben Lacy
4.0/4.5 Mixed Doubles 30-59
Gold - Lisa Barrett-Johnson and Zach Carpenter
Silver - Susan Toomey and Mo Garcia
Bronze - Cheryl Breidenbach and Harve Mobley
3.5 Mixed Doubles
Gold - Anne Rheins and Kenny Sanders
Silver - Barb Dellamora and Jim Wheeler
Bronze - JoAnn Norelius and David Buck
3.0 Mixed Doubles
Gold - Bebe Quick Murphy and Andrew Stivanson
Silver - Martha Bartell and John McCowan
Bronze - Sandy Talbott and Scott Talbott
And congratulations to Claudia Domke, Loretta Rhodes, and Billi Jager for winning gold, silver, and bronze in the 2.5 women's scramble at the Boomers and Beyond Bash