Aiken Pickleball, Inc

On January 18th, 2023, Aiken Pickleball took the first step in becoming a non-profit organization at the request of the City of Aiken. This resulted in Aiken Pickleball, Inc (API) being awarded the contract to host the Palmetto Invitational Pickleball Doubles Tournament this August and  to continue to manage the City's indoor pickleball programs at Odell Weeks and Smith-Hazel Recreation Center. You should not notice any changes with Aiken Pickleball, Inc. 

 As we get more organized, we are going to try to raise funds by offering memberships to Aiken Pickleball, Inc to help offset some additional costs we are incurring such as general liability insurance, legal fees, CPA fees, and a city business license. The benefits of memberships will be discounts on lessons, clinics, and drills with Little Mo, tournament registration fees, sporting clothes, and new pickleball paddles. These discounts will more than offset the annual cost of an official API membership.

Everyone that plays pickleball indoors at Odell Weeks, Smith-Hazel and/or Gregg Park and/or outside at one of the numerous outdoor courts available in the Aiken area is by default a member of Aiken Pickleball.  Whether you decide to take an extra step and take advantage of discounts offered by being a paying member of Aiken Pickleball, Inc. is up to you. This also provides a way for those of you that cannot volunteer your time to contribute.  Either way you can still make weekly indoor court reservations.  Nothing has changed.