Aiken Department of Public Safety Pickleball Clinic

Mo Garcia has been working with Aiken Department of Public Safety's Karl Odenthal to arrange a series of pickleball clinics for a dozen of their police recruit officers.  The young police recruits have embraced pickleball as part of their PE activity most mornings before heading to the police academy.

As USAPA district ambassador and a member of the Aiken Pickledillys, Mo has invited a group of these recruit officers, along with other members of  Aiken Department of Public Safety, their families and friends, and PRT to a special pickleball clinic in support of this event. The event will be commemorated with the presentation of limited edition graphite pickleball paddles displaying  the "Thin Blue Line with ADPS Shield" donated by Mo Power Sport, LLC. 

The first of such clinics will be held on Saturday, March 30th from 09:00 am - 12:noon in Gym 1 at Odell Weeks and will be attended by 6-8 recruit officers.

To kick off the clinic we will have a brief demonstration of doubles and singles pickleball by some of Aiken's finest pickleball players. Immediately following the demonstrations, we will break out into mini-clinics, followed by  open play to include ADPS members and family with members of the Aiken pickleball community.  Everyone in our pickleball community is invited to attend this event and mix in to play with the guests of honor.