Saturday play at First Presbyterian Church

We got off to a great start for 2020 at  First Presbyterian Church this Saturday morning January 4th.  Twenty-four (24) people had signed up and a few players showed up who hadn’t signed up but people were courteous and patiently sat and waited for their turns to play.

To help with play next week, Saturday, January 11th, there will be two sessions.  One will be from 9-11am and the other from 11am-1pm, with a limit of eighteen (18) players per session.  Sign-up is required. You can only sign up for one session per Saturday.

Special note:  Please put your names on your paddles.  Those little return address mailing labels work great!  Also, we had a couple of water bottles left today after everyone was gone.  It would help if you could put your names on these so we can get them back to their proper owners.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient.  Hopefully having two sessions next week will make play more enjoyable.   And special thanks to Michele Bullington and Dick Keeler for opening and closing. 

January 11th will be the last day of indoor play at 1st Pres on Saturdays until February 1st.