Best way to improve

Now that the April clinics on Groovy Tuesday are over, what's the best way to keep improving?  Here are some options you might want to consider.

Lessons with Harve and Mo. Weekday, weekends and evening lessons possible.  Contact Mo  and Harve  to schedule.

Drills with Little Mo when available.  Sign up at front desk 

Saturday Clinics with Harve  -  Sign up at front desk. 

Find a practice partner.  Go to our website and under signups select BEGINNERS LOOKING FOR GAMES.  There are fifty players listed with their contact information looking for someone to play with. 

Practice against a wall.  There are practice walls outside at Virginia Acres Park, located behind Odell Weeks next to the outdoor pickleball courts. Both Odell Weeks and Gregg Park have racquetball courts that are seldom use.  These are  great places to practice your serve, ground strokes, volleys, lobs and dinks without a partner.

Click here for a video on pickleball Wall Drills.  In fact, check out YouTube for instructional videos on almost  every aspect of the game of pickleball.  Notice that the video was made in a racquetball court.  If you put tape down (masking tape works great) don't forget to remove it when you are finished.

Drop-in Play.  If you can hit the ball over the net at least three times in a row with decent pace, you are ready for drop-in play, daily from  845-11am Monday thru Friday at Odell Weeks.     Also on weekends   No signup required.  But you need to know where to position yourself when your  side is serving or returning serve and  understand the two bounce rule. You also know to how to keep score. 

Finally - Find a partner and sign up for the Palmetto Indoor Pickleball Doubles Invitational Tournament - July 31st - August 4th.  You are ready!

Remember, keep your eye on the ball;  aim down the middle between your two opponents; get to the kitchen and stay there; and most importantly  touch paddles at the end of a game and smile.  This is supposed to be fun!