Instructions and guidelines


1) From the Pickledillys homepage, point to the Sign-Ups link and select the Court Reservations link from the drop down menu. *** If this takes you to a screen asking for an access code, that means the courts are frozen because the sign-up has been (or is being) updated for the next week and it is not yet time to post them.  Please do not ask for an access code.  That screen will be removed when the courts are posted.  You will need to refresh your screen. ***  The courts will become available at 8am each Thursday for the following week.

2) Once you have reached the Court Reservations Sign-Up screen, scroll down and find the Date, Session # and Court # you want to reserve, and select the Sign Up checkbox.

3) Select the Submit and Sign Up link button at the bottom of the page.

4 A) If you already have a SignUpGenius account, click or touch “I'm a SignUpGenius member" and login to your SignUpGenius account … then skip to step 5.

4 B) If you do not have an account, select "I do not have a SignUpGenius account", and fill in First Name, Last Name & Email.  At this point, I would suggest you select "Create an account at SignUpGenius so I can logon and edit my items if I ever need to make a change".   Creating an account is optional, however having an account makes future changes to your reservation much easier

5) Remember to include at least two players (first initial and last name) in the “Comments” box.  Select the Sign Up Now button to complete the reservation process.


Guidelines for Odell Weeks court reservations:

1) When you reserve a court, place at least a first initial and full last name in the comments block of at least one additional player. You must have at least two - maximum of five people - committed to playing on the court BEFORE you make the reservation.     

2) Please be considerate of your fellow players and choose to attend either drop-in play or court reservation time, but not both on the same day. It is not allowed for a player to be included on two court reservation slots on the same day.  A player may not appear on a court reservation more than two days in a week for the first 24 hours after the courts are posted..

3) Please do not reserve a court unless you are able to use the majority of the allotted time.  If a court is vacant after 30 minutes of the scheduled starting time, it reverts to open play.

4) If a court has not been reserved on the day that it is available, it may be reserved by two people for singles.