We have just been notified that gym 2 at Odell Weeks will be open for pickleball Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week until 2:00 PM. The schedule and sign-ups for Tuesday and Wednesday are posted on the Calendar and SUG.   Drop-in play 845-11am, Court reservations 11-1230 and 1230-2pm

Savannah Lakes Village in McCormick, SC has invited Aiken Pickleball to send a group of 4 men and 4 women to their outdoor pickleball resort facility for some friendly competition on Saturday, December 16th.  Play will start around 12pm and be a combination of women's, men's and mixed doubles at the 3.0 -  3.5 level.   We have created a sign up that is now open.   First four men and first four women that sign up are in.  So far only one person has signed up.  If more don't sign up by this Wednesday, event will be cancelled.  The POC at Savannah Lakes for this event is Joe Locke  -  JLocke313@gmail.com .

In December

Smith-Hazel closed for renovations.  Expected to reopen June 1st.
No indoor pickleball at Odell December 7th thru December 10th. 
Outdoor courts at Virginia Acres Park will be open.   To check to see if anyone is planning to play outside at Virginia Acres Park, download the Team Reach app and join two  groups - OUTSIDE7 for general info and Openplay10 for night play. 
No Saturday play at Gregg Park in December - basketball season starts.
Wednesday Evening Drills with LBJ at Gregg Park.  Last drill December 6th.     Click here to sign up. 

Funday Monday at Odell Weeks,  0845-11am, December 11 and 18. -   Click here for more information.  No sign up required.

Next player Rating Session will be in January.  Date TBD.  Click here to sign up.

Over the Horizon
10th Annual Palmetto Doubles Invitational Tournament - August 1-4, 2024 - SAVE THE DATE!

Aiken Pickleball - a 501c3 Organization

Welcome to the website for Aiken Pickleball, Inc., a 501c3 organization.  If you are new to the game and wondering how to get started, click here for answers to frequently asked questions.  Our intent is to promote the game of pickleball and to provide competitive and social pickleball activities. Our goal is to encourage sportsmanship and camaraderie through fun and exercise by playing the exciting and addictive sport of pickleball.  

On January 18th, 2023, Aiken Pickleball took the first step in becoming a non-profit organization at the request of the City of Aiken. This resulted in Aiken Pickleball, Inc (API) being awarded the contract to host the Palmetto Invitational Pickleball Doubles Tournament in August 2023 and again in 2024.  We also continue to manage the City's indoor pickleball programs at Odell Weeks and Smith-Hazel Recreation Center.   In addition, API manages the pickleball program at Gregg Park Civic Center in Graniteville, SC. Our request for tax exempt status was officially approved by the IRS on September 20th, 2023.  

Everyone that plays pickleball in the Aiken area is by default a member of Aiken Pickleball Inc.  The organization is run by volunteers and wouldn't exist without them.  Our many volunteers are the heart of our organization.

Pickleball is easy to learn and really fun to play. It can be played on a variety of levels from casual to very competitive.  The game offers players of all ages a good physical workout and the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people who share the passion that surrounds this exciting sport.

We play at the Odell Weeks and Smith-Hazel Recreation Centers, Gregg Park Civic Center, and many other venues throughout Aiken.  Odell Weeks and Gregg Park both have six indoor courts.  Smith-Hazel has three indoor courts.  Everyone is entitled to make court reservations at these facilities.   Go to the "Calendar" tab on the main menu for our current playing schedule.  In addition, we have fourteen purpose-built pickleball courts located outside at Virginia Acres Park (behind Odell Weeks).  These public lighted courts are available year round.  

Odell Weeks is located at 1700 Whiskey Rd in Aiken.  The phone # is (803) 642-7631.

Gregg Park is located at 1001 A Avenue Graniteville, SC (just 5 miles from downtown Aiken).  The phone # is 803 663-7552

Smith-Hazel is located at 400 Kershaw St NE in downtown Aiken.  The phone # is (803) 642-7634

Come join us!



General guidelines 

In order to provide the best possible playing experience for everyone, Aiken Pickleball operates under a set of guidelines. Normally we have three types of play spread throughout the available times each day.  These include drop-in play with all levels mixing together, drop-in play with courts designated by skill level, and court reservation play.  When courts are designated by skill level, we have different schematics (weekday mornings, weekday evenings, and weekends) based on the court usage for different skill levels during those times.  These designations are periodically reviewed and adjusted.   Aiken County players will be given a FREE SKILL RATING upon request.  Click here to sign up.

All players who participate in drop-in play by skill levels need to be rated by the committee.  Visitors may play for a brief period at the level the player representatives feel is appropriate.  Players who are visiting for a longer term and who have a rating at another location should check with the player representatives at that level to determine if that rating is acceptable for our local system.


Guidelines for reserving courts via Sign-up Genius are available at the

"Sign-ups" tab