Welcome to Aiken Pickleball

New players - What is the best way to get started?  That's easy - attend a New Players Clinic  normally held once a month.  In addition, sign up for drills with "Little Mo".    See separate news articles or flyers on the Bulletin Board for details. 

In the meantime -  go online and type in "pickleball".  You will see sites for everything you need to know about pickleball to include videos on how to play the game.  Following that, go to the outdoor courts at Virginia Acres Park located behind Odell Weeks.  The courts are open from sunrise to sunset.  You should be able to borrow a paddle and balls from the front desk at Odell Weeks.  Hit back and forth with a partner until you are able to sustain a rally.  If you don't have a partner, hit against the walls that are adjacent to the courts.  Better yet, sign up for modified Open Play.  Make sure you have on tennis shoes - not running shoes.  

Next Step - If you find you enjoy playing pickleball and would like to get better, the next step would be to take a lesson with one of our teaching professionals, Mo Garcia (mog01@aol.com) and Megan Hollenbeck  (meghollenbeck@gmail.com).  Lessons are normally given indoors on Fridays at Odell Weeks.  Contact  one of the instructors to sign up.  After that, an instructor will refer you to Faith Loeb and Linda Blake who will invite you to their Free Practice Sessions and try to include you in one of their playing groups.  

Our Website - The Aiken Pickleball website www.aikenpickleball.com has everything you need to know about playing pickleball in Aiken.  Check the "Calendar" tab to see locations, days and  times avalable to play.  Check the "Sign-Ups" tab and sign up on the "Partners List" for players looking for partners.  More important - call someone on the list.   

Cost -  It is free to play outdoors.  For residents of the City of Aiken, the cost for playing indoors at Odell Weeks is $2 per visit; non-ciity residents $3.  An annual pass with membrship is also available.  Check with the front desk at Odell for more details.

Silver Sneakers -  Silver Sneakers is a heallth and fitness program designd for addults 65+ that is included in many Medicare plans.  If you qualify, there is no cost to play pickleball or to use the fitness center at Odell Weeks.  Go online to www.silversneakers.com to check your eligibility. 

Important - If you have any questions or need assistance with anything related to pickleball (i.e. how to reserve a court), send an email to AikenPickledillys@gmail.com.