Round Robin on April 27 at USCA

The University of South Carolina - Aiken will host a round robin on April 27th as a part of their Senior Expo. There will be three divisions - 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 and up - with a maximum of 10 teams per division. Teams will be mixed doubles, and you must sign up with a partner

There will be an open court available all day for anyone who drops by to try playing pickleball.

To sign up for the round robin, go to The cost is $20.00 per team.  You only need to sign up once per team.

If you don’t have a partner, you can put your name on the list at THIS IS NOT A SIGN-UP FOR THE ROUND ROBIN.  Itt is only a list of people looking for partners. If you see somene you want to play with on that list, you can e-mail that person directly.  DO NOT ENTER WITH THE PERSON UNTIL YOU HAVE COMMUNICATED WITH THEM and gotten their consent.

The schedule is as follows:

3.0 Division: 9:00 - 11:15 AM

3.5 Division: 11:30 AM - 1:45 PM

4.0+ Division: 2:00 PM - 4:15 PM

Each team will play every other team in the division, for a total of 9 games.  Winners will be determined by the most games won, with most points won as a tiebreaker.  All games will be timed at 11 minutes with four minutes between games.

Click on "read more" to see player list as of 4/19/2019.


Team Name Team Member 1 Team Member 2
M&M's Maria James Mike Wells
  Bebe Murphy Gene Murphy
Radcliffe/Blake Allen Radcliffe Linda Blake
Haller/Sanderson Lisa Sanderson Bill Haller
John and Leslie John McCowan Leslie Mccowan
Backhanders Judy Sullivan Greg Sullivan
Sweet Gherkins Raymond K James Miriam N James
Team Cox Nancy Cox Joe Cox
Monty & Daniel Monty Kitchings  Daniel Tucker
The Bergers Steven Berger Peggy Berger
Pickle People Jim Corbett Ann Rheins
Floyd/Nelson Dianne Floyd Ron Nelson
Revolvergirl Kathie Robers Chuck Wright
Mist Scott Stevens Michele Bullington
C and D Diane Voss Chuck Buchanan
Snarling Possoms Richard Diemar Peg Sharp
Shaver Keith Shaver Beverly Shaver
Christensen-Wolfe Stephanie Wolfe Dan Christensen
Chrushers David Hoel Christine Chandler
Pickleodians Harve Mobley Nancy Vermilye
4.0 and up    
Vance & Williams Grace Vance Rich Williams
Garcia/Kabel Jim Kabel Marian Garcia
V&J Ding Yun Chi Jose Vega
Dink, Dink, Slam Mark Carter Yong Ko
Paddle Up Sports Kim Sharpton Artina Sharpton