Pickle Stuff by Richard Diemar

Celebrity Pickleball Players: Andre Agassi, Justin Trudeau, Andy Roddick, Phil Mickelson, John McEnroe, Elton John, Chris Rock, Bill and Melinda Gates, Kim Kardashian, Rocky Wahoo and the Sludgettes.

“Chicken and Pickle” is a restaurant serving chicken dishes where patrons can watch pickleball matches as they dine. Opened in 2016 in Kansas City and an additional one just opened in Wichita, KS.  


“98% of married couples who play pickleball as partners need marriage Counseling”.

“If we could just stop naming sports after vegetables, that would be Great”.

“I do not always hang out in 55+ communities, but when I do - they better have pickleball!”--- World's most interesting man.

Observations: We have a ton of players 70 years old and higher (at least three that will be 80 or are 80), that are outstanding players and fun to play with. See ‘em all the time. Take that, diabetes.