Part time Paid Position - need for additional pickleball certified instructor

We are in the process of assessing the needs for our Aiken Pickleball club and planning for the future due to an increased demand for instruction as our local pickleball community continues to grow. 

Wojciech Adamek will be leaving us early May 2019 and plans to spend more time studying abroad. We thank him for all his wonderful teaching and wish him the best in his future endeavors. Also, Mo Garcia will be cutting back on his teaching time to meet his other business commitments. Therefore, we are in need of an additional pickleball certified instructor (4.0+) to work with Grace Vance to give lessons/clinics/demonstrations. 

It is our desire to identify and mentor someone who resides full time in the Aiken County area. Grace and Mo will help you with the process in becoming a certified instructor. 

Certification Instructor Process: 

In the USA, there are two different approved pickleball certification instructor organizations (see links below). You must meet and pass the certification instructor requirements from either one of these organizations (you choose one). 

Both programs require passing an online written test and successfully demonstrating required skills/teaching tests. (Click on links below for more information): 

1. Professional Pickleball Registry ( certifies instructors for USA Pickleball Association (

2. International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (

Teaching pickleball is fun and rewarding. Please consider offering your talents and support to help our community and players continue to grow and improve. Please feel free to refer any potential candidates (who reside full time in Aiken County) to the leadership team at