Onix orange indoor pickleballs now available for play at Odell Weeks

Back in April, someone made a small donation of Onix orange indoor pickleballs - enough to provide two orange balls for each court.  The balls were put out on a Monday morning and on Tuesday the following day there was only one orange ball left - total - talk about attrition!  

We have received another donation of Onix orange indoor pickleballs along with six new storage containers. 

There are once again enough orange balls for all six courts. In the meantime, OW has added a bookcase in the storage closet.  This is for the balls and their new containers. When you are done playing please place the balls back in the containers, and in the bookcase in the closet - do not take them home.  

If you like to make a small donation, feel free to drop an Onix orange indoor pickleball in the containers provided to help refurbish the supply.   Thank you.