Pickleball Clinic at Eustis Park

George Buggs has taken the initial steps in providing a two-hour pickleball clinic at Eustis Park in 2019. Via the Recreation Commission, the Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (PRT) Department was informed of George's interest in expanding the game to the Northside community. The PRT Department supported George's idea and offered him use of Eustis Park's four pickleball courts.  

A subcommittee was created to further this goal of a clinic for folks (students and seniors) who are currently unexposed to the game, or may know about it but have not tried it. Mr. Buggs desires to have the clinic on the same day the new senior/youth center at Eustis park is formally opened. George has arranged to provide pickleball paddles, free of charge, to all 24 participants. Chuck Buchanan has agreed to provide a free ball to each participant as well. Mrs. Yolanda Monroe, a professional instructor and avid player, from New Jersey, has agreed to provide instruction for the assembled group of participants. She may be assisted by another player. Mrs. Monroe attended the last pickleball tournament at Odell weeks.

We hope all can find the final date set is compatible with their schedules. More than a few community leaders have expressed interest in this project.

Submitted by George Buggs