Gregg Park Drop-in Sign-up and Additional Courts

Some people have requested a sign-up for pickleball sessions at Gregg Park Civic Center.  This is for players' convenience in seeing who else will be there to play.  It is NOT a reservation, and you are NOT required to sign up in order to play. 

If you decide not to go, please remove your name from the list.  If you are planning to get there at a specific time, that may be noted in the comments.  This sign-up is available at, and may also be accessed under the "Sign-ups" tab on this website.

We now have six indoor courts available at Gregg Park.  Both mixed level play and court designation play are available.  For the times of each type of play, see the calendar at  Gregg Park CivicCenter sessions are designated by "GPCC".  The court designation schematic is available at